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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN)

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Cara followed the two inside, shifting her bag to carry in front of her with one hand and the other holding tight to her bow slung over her shoulder. Automatically she turned to head for the counter and who she assumed was the bar and inn keeper currently talking to a small group but before she could head in the direction she heard Kimberly direct them to a table that she commonly sat at and to make themselves comfortable before going off to drop off the packages she had collected from the general store. Cara hadn't even a chance to stop her before she left leaving her standing with Zot somewhat in the center of the room. Knowing they couldn't stand there all night she reluctantly led the way to the table in the corner of the room.

 She hadn't really wanted to sit down at chat more, to be honest Cara had hoped that they had a room available and that after getting something to eat she could tuck herself away in the room for the night. Give herself the chance to take a breath and recollect what was going to happen now in this next chapter of her life and new place she was being shoved off to. As much as she wanted to, she also couldn't just disregard Kimberly and Zot for all the help they had given her and they weren't the worst people she could have reached out to for help. She was still hesitant to let them in too far, not just yet ready for anyone to see the side of her that had been hurt twice now and was still slowly healing. She wasn't about to risk it become injured again because she didn't take the time to learn from the past and her mistakes.

Cara carefully set her bag down beside one of the empty chairs and pulled her bow off her shoulder before taking a seat. She glanced at Zot, waiting for him to sit down with both of their cauldrons filled with their supplies for school. "Thank you for carrying that for me. I appreciate it a bit more then I'm probably making it sound like" she said once he was seated and relaxing a bit more comfortably.

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