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General Information 59,810 POSTS in 47,021 THREADS
All the basics to get you started.
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Announcements 26 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Any important announcements are made here.
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Profiles 7,316 POSTS in 6,948 THREADS
All approved profiles go here.
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OOC Chatter 161 POSTS in 92 THREADS
Here you can talk about anything OOC!
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The Great Hall 220 POSTS in 96 THREADS
Where the students and faculty eat their meals beneath an enchanted ceiling. Feasts abound!
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The Kitchens 156 POSTS in 87 THREADS
Located behind a well-placed portrait of a pear, the kitchens feature the ever hard-working house-elves cooking up the nightly feasts.
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Classes and Corridors 860 POSTS in 347 THREADS
The many twisted halls of Hogwarts. Where will this one lead?
Sub Forums:
Staff Room,
Hufflepuff House, and 1 more.
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The Library 166 POSTS in 85 THREADS
Filled with rare hand-copied tomes about magic, the library is one of a kind.
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The Infirmary 154 POSTS in 80 THREADS
A place for those sick or injured to find relief.
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Astronomy Tower 181 POSTS in 82 THREADS
The best place to view the stars at night and also where Professor Raine teaches Astronomy and Astrology.
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Gryffindor Tower 162 POSTS in 95 THREADS
The tallest tower in the castle, also home to those who study under Godric Gryffindor.
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Ravenclaw Tower 141 POSTS in 74 THREADS
Located on the opposite side of the castle it is the home to those students of wit and learning being taught by Rowena Ravenclaw.
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The Dungeons 305 POSTS in 169 THREADS
Creepy, cold, and home to the Slytherin house common areas, the dungeons are everything a castle could want them to be.
Sub Forums:
Slytherin House
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The Owlery 124 POSTS in 71 THREADS
Watch your head! Owls come and go carrying missives from across the land.
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The Gardens 217 POSTS in 82 THREADS
A beautiful sprawling area dedicated to the subject of Herbology.
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The Grounds 534 POSTS in 261 THREADS
The vast grounds of Hogwarts are open to exploring if you have an adventurous streak.
Sub Forums:
The Stables,
Dueling Arena, and 1 more.
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The Forest 128 POSTS in 85 THREADS
Home to numerous creatures and beings so beware should you tread here.
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The Black Lake 150 POSTS in 80 THREADS
Go swimming here if you dare, there is said to be something suspicious in the waters.
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Ollivander's Wand Shoppe 135 POSTS in 76 THREADS
Purveyor of the finest wands, Ollivander's offers wands to those traveling to Hogwarts for the first time.
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Trading Post 221 POSTS in 90 THREADS
An area for the general market of goods and services.
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The Tavern 263 POSTS in 89 THREADS
A place for drinks and merriment in these dark times.
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Elsewhere 129 POSTS in 81 THREADS
Places outside of Hogwarts or the Village.
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In Another Time 191 POSTS in 88 THREADS
For those story threads that happen in another time either in the past or future.
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Archives - Year One 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
Archives of the first year of Hogwarts
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