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The Rules

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The rules are pretty straightforward and simple. We reserve the right to modify these rules if the need arises.

1) Be kind. Respect can mean different things to different people, but kindness is universal. It is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

2) Let's get the usual stuff out of the way:
No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus (aka God-Moding). Balance your characters. Lose a fight now and then.
No Powerplaying. Controlling other people's characters without permission is forbidden.
No Metagaming. Your character can only be so observant before it borders on ridiculous.
No Minimodding When the admins want your assistance, they will request it. Otherwise, please leave administration to the administrators.

3) Spam and solicitation are strictly prohibited.

4) Our RPG rating is 3 for language, 3 for sex, and 3 for violence. You must be 18+ to write here. Please use some sort of indicator if your post/thread dips into graphic territory.

5) This board operates on a three strikes and you're out rule. The first infraction equals a warning. The second infraction is a warning and you get put on moderation. Third strike and you are kicked off the group.

6) Please settle disputes outside of the forum. If you feel that a solution is unlikely to be found, or if you need a mediator, the admins are always willing to lend a hand. Fighting between members in forum threads will result in infractions for both parties.

7) We like to ask that you post a minimum of once a month per member with no minimum word count if possible. If you need more time, please let us know so we're not left hanging. We know that real life comes before our hobby. If you can post more than that then BONUS!

8) Playbys must be real-life humans, with the exception of non-humans (like creatures or house-elves).

9) Making up spells, magical trinkets, and things about the world are encouraged, but we ask that such things fit within the scope of known canon and that 'special' and 'rare' spells and items known only to your character are kept to a minimum.

10) We reserve the right to decline any application for any reason, though we give constructive feedback and allow for resubmission of applications.

Please don't hesitate to contact Minx or KariAnn, the admins, with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. We want you to have a comfortable, friendly, and safe place to enjoy your hobby.

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