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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 12-30-2021

Zot had departed his father's carriage upon entering the small village (if you could call it that) that was just outside of the school. You could see the impressive castle in the distance, and he couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous. It was far more imposing of a sight than his father's meager castle. He wondered what kind of livestock lived there and if they would let him spend time with the horses and pigs as he did at home.

Once deposited in the heart of the village, he had made his way to the wand shoppe, which his father insisted he do first upon his arrival. It was an odd interaction with the man behind the counter, but he knew the moment the right stick had been laid in his hand that he had found his wand. It had been a foot-long stick made of alder wood, with what the man had promised was a real unicorn tail hair inside of it. Zot wasn't sure he believed that, but given that he had made the man float several feet off the ground when he gave it a wave he supposed there had been something magical about it.

He had been doing odd things ever since he was a small boy but it wasn't until Sir Emery had sat him down to discuss things that he had found out the truth, that he was a wizard. It made more sense as to why his father had claimed him, not just because he could carry the name of Drake onward but because he too had magical blood. He didn't like thinking about this too much however because it caused him anxiety.

Instead, with his new wand tucked safely away, Zot walked around the Trading Post taking in all the sights and smells the place had to offer. It wasn't long before he found himself drawn to the smithies, watching as they pounded metal with their hammers in their forges. He immediately missed Rube and Regis, his watchful guardians. He wondered if the school itself would be as impressive as it looked on the outside.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

   Kimberly turned and moved to walk towards the gentleman that was standing and watching the people working at the forge. She had been picking up a few days here at the smithies cleaning up and helping with customers if needed to. Her father and brother had been smithy and when she was old enough. The girl had not seen him before with everything that was going on. “Hello there, You seem new do you need some help with something. They are right now working on some orders right now but if there is something small sure maybe could work with him on doing some of it.”

She knew only had a few more days working here before having to work on going towards the school. Kimberly was wanting to make sure that needed to work on saving up a little more money to pay them back for taking her horse to the stable ahead of the time so that it was saved. The horse was her best friend but did not have the time or effort to take care of it and work all the jobs. Plus she was working on trying to do studies with Gwen also. She was wearing one of the few outfits she was given so that her clothes were not covered in holes. The witch refused to let them get her a new cloak for rain.

The Gryffindor’s had helped her out so much and owed them lots. They had helped her out with everything. Kimberly could now read and write a little better than before. It was not really legible and would work on it every night after work for an hour or two before heading to bed. Her wand was in a box in her room not wanting to get broken.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 12-30-2021

"Huh?" he said as he looked up at the blonde-haired girl who approached him. She couldn't be much older than he was but she seemed to know the smiths well. "Oh, no. I'm simply watching their technique. I trained a bit with the smithies back home so I was curious about the quality of such works here. I'll be attending school soon but I wanted to acquaint myself with the village."

"Have you been here long?" he asked, wondering if she regularly worked with the smithies or if she was a student too. There seemed to be a lot of people milling about that didn't quite look like they lived the life out here. A few finely dressed fellows nearby especially. Perhaps they were just passing through as well but he thought that unlikely.

He was wearing a new pair of buckskin trousers, calf-high boots with thick soles, and a semi-loose shirt with a hide vest over top. It was far fancier wear than he was accustomed to but his father had insisted. He wanted Zot to represent the best of his house, even if he was just a bastard. This new interest in him was something he wasn't entirely comfortable with but he was trying to make the man happy.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

She held her towel and turned to watch the smithies working on things also. “You are fine watching and learning their technique. It is nice to work on learning the different techniques. Maybe what you are doing is great but if turn the hammer a little will improve the quality. My brother and father were smithies back home also. I would go there in the afternoon and work on helping them clean.” She just enjoyed being in this area since reminded her of home.

“I have been here for about two months. Before this was exploring the world.” Kimberly had been lucky to have Godric that knew the barmaid and was nice enough to get her a job working there part-time. “I will be attending the school also but just needed a place to stay before that. Been working at the local bar most afternoons. I work here a few days here since it reminds me of home.”

She looked at him overseeing the nice clothes. She figured when he said that was going to school it made more sense on why he would have the fancy clothes for someone that does a lot of blacksmithing. “It's nice to finally get to meet someone else that will be attending the school other than tutors.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 12-30-2021

"Two months? That's a long time," he stated as he looked at her before looking back at the smithies for a moment. He didn't want to be rude however with divided attention, which was something his stepmother often accused him of. Zot turned and faced the girl directly.

"You have tutors? My stepmother was instructing me on basic things, but I learn better with my hands," he told her. "So the smithies taught me my letters and sums to better do the job. Do you think they'll have jobs for us up at the school? I can't imagine sitting all day doing nothing."

It wasn't that studying was nothing, but it sure wasn't working with his hands. He needed to experience things which was why his reading was still somewhat low and his writing was just above chicken scratch. 

"I'm Zot by the way," he said, finally introducing himself. "Zoticus Greyweather, but you can call me Zot."

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 12-31-2021

She worked on wiping the table down near where they were standing. “Two months is a long time but it gave me enough time to work on trying to pay back the things that others have helped me get. Then working at the bar since borrowing a room upstairs until able to get into the school in a few days.” Kimberly nods a little on the tutor parts. “The person that helping me is not helping me most. She tries to give me the paper to work on my writing so will be prepared for school. Most of what I was taught by my family is what needed so that when shopping the other vendors would not try and rip me off.” She did learn little from her mother-in-law, but that does not really matter since not anything useful.

“I mean they might have things that we can do when not actually studying. It is a school though they want to make sure we are focused on getting the things done right. It to help us work on learning how to do our powers correctly.” Kimberly was determined to figure this out because did not want to destroy things. She still had her hand wrapped since it was sore sometimes still.

“It's nice to meet you Zot.” She went to hold out her other hand. “My name is Kimberly Fleete.” Kimberly was worried about using her other name because did not know if she was still married or not. She did not know what he even said about things. Did he mark her down as dead?

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 12-31-2021

Zot was relieved to hear that they would likely have things to do other than studying. He didn't like being bored or sitting still for too long. The girl seemed nice enough and was already being quite the help. He could also relate to having someone teach him reading and writing, though his skill was still limited.

"Well met, Kimberly," he said goodnaturedly. "Have you been up to the castle yet or have you spent all of your time down here?"

He was curious about the school and what awaited them. He still wasn't sold on the idea itself but he was doing as his father bid him because he was the only parent he knew. While it still worried him that his father was finally taking an active interest in him or his motivations behind it rather, he did still want to make the old knight proud. As a bastard, his options were limited as far as what he could do with his life. But if his father planned on granting him his name then his future would be set whether he liked it or not.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 12-31-2021

“It is nice to meet you also.” She turned to work on looking in the area knew the school was at thinking about everything that it was going to do. “No, I have not been to the school yet. Truth if could learn the same things here would never really go to school. I mean worried about just the size of the place.”

Kimberly had always lived and stayed in small houses. The biggest one she ever stayed in had 4 bedrooms and that was only for a night and harder to actually move around in since did not know where anything was. It meant that she spent most of the time wondering trying to fight the right room hoping did not show up in the wrong place. The school was in a castle and most likely did not have a map so meant she have to wake up extra early just to work on finding the places she needed to go. Maybe once she made some friends like Zot they could help drag her around so no wondering into places that could get her hurt or just getting lost. If did get lost she just sit in one place till someone found her that knew where going.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 12-31-2021

"Yes, it is rather an intimidating-looking place," he said as he cast his gaze back up at the castle that loomed nearby. He took a few breaths before turning back to Kimberly. "Perhaps it won't be too bad. Navigating the halls I mean. Plus it's a castle, there are always hidden areas to look at and explore."

Zot knew that from exploring his father's meager castle. It had taken some time but he knew the ins and outs of it now, every murder hole and crevice. He hoped that he and Kimberly could be friends because that would make transitioning to this new period of his life a whole lot easier to have at least one friend.

"I'm sorry to bother you, I know you are working," he apologized politely. "I wonder how many others here are here for the school."

He took another look around, noticing people milling about. Some looked to be just going about their day while others seemed a little out of place. He wondered how many wizards and witches were here and how many muggles. While he had been raised as the son of a wizard, Sir Emery had never instructed him in magic. Hell, he hadn't even had a proper wand until today. He could almost feel the thing vibrate with happiness in his breast pocket at just the thought.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 01-05-2022

Kimberly watched him glaze back toward the castle and smiled. She remembered the day when she first got to the town and saw the massive castle in the view. She had been exhausted from the previous trip to not enjoy it as much as could. The days to come through as she walk out of the tavern to do errands and was able to glaze on it in glory were wonderful. “I am sure there are plenty of hiding areas that we will be able to work on finding. One only has to set mind to something and they will for sure do it.” She was still nervous about the sheer size of the place. Kimberly knew she promised to help out with the horses but from the size how many of them were there actually going to be.

“It's okay I mean right now we are in a slow part.” She worked on moving to wipe off the table next to where they had been standing. “I don’t do much here but work on cleaning and helping with the costumers when need something small. Having worked with my parents' smithy back home know most of what would be doing to help out. If they're a customer that walks up just might have to leave you to go and help them for a moment then can be back and talking.”

She did not know Zot but was enjoying having the company of someone that was not judging her. Many people when first see her were either judging her because of her what she looked like. Kimberly was working on learning to read and write. It was nice to know Zot was about as good at her in that subject. It look bad if at school and everyone was ahead of her.