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1.6.22 -We are currently looking for students of all houses!

12.29.21 - We are OPEN!

12.28.21 -Our site is under construction!

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Chasing a Dream is an 18+ play by post RP based on the Founders Era of Harry Potter. We are exploring the world around the year 993 AD so modern conveniences aren't in play. While we strive for realism in our portrayal of the time period, we aren't perfect and we don't expect you to be either. Currently, we allow foul language, violence, and sexual content.

We are looking for students of all ages to fill the halls during the tumultuous first few years of Hogwarts as well as adding teachers to our roster as the Founders begin to realize they can't do it all themselves. The Forbidden Forest has yet to be forbidden and the lake has yet to house the giant squid (or has it?), so story possibilities are endless.

We like to keep things simple, so fill out an application using one of our handy templates and submit it via sharing on google drive (formerly google docs) to iimentalminxii@gmail.com with at least the comment feature on OR email it to iimentalminxii@gmail.com (this might take a little longer to process).

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