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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN)

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Kimberly moved to work on entering first since this was where she had been staying since Sir Gryffindor brought her here. It only seems natural that she is the one that leads the group. The witch worked on nodding towards some of the normal as entered looking around at the tables before tilting her head towards one in a corner. “That is normally where I sit when not working and trying to enjoy some food. The keep looks like they are busy with the crowd so you be standing for a while. Plus since that is my normal spot as long as I move over there also they know the reasoning.” She could not just work on sitting down because she had all the supplies that the cooks would soon need. “Go make yourself home while I head over and drop these off to the cooks. I can get us some water while at it.”

Kimberly had not been sure what to say to Cara about her wishing she come earlier. The truth was she was still getting the hang of everything in this place and had been here a while. There were some days she was worried that someone from her past would walk in causing her to have to run away for sure. Kimberly then turned to walk towards the bar to work on giving them all the things that she picked up when shopping for them at the store. The witch just wanted them to know she picked it up so they do not send someone before taking some to the kitchen where it belonged.

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