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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN)

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Cara held tight to her bag and bow as the three of them navigated back down the street, She wanted to make sure she didn't hit or trip either of them or anyone passing them by as they walked. Especially since she was glancing around slightly as they moved down the road, trying to grasp at a light feel of the trading post and everything that was here. There seemed to be a fare mix of people though who exactly was magical and who weren't was something she couldn't quite see just yet if at all. People over all seemed to get along which something about it just reminded her of the home she was trying to forget and Cara quickly tried to focus on something else before she drifted to far into that memory.

She turned slightly to Kimberly as the other girl spoke about the tavern being the best spot to finding lodging or work which seemed to make sense. Just about all the information in a village, town, or trading post often filtered through their doors the most. "It would have been nice if I could have gotten here a few days earlier. I would have liked to maybe work a little for some extra spending money and gotten a chance to get a better feel for this place before school started. Well, at least I'm glad I managed to get here the day before, I can't imagine the stress someone would be feeling with trying to arrive tomorrow and make it to the school on time" Cara said to the two. She caught sight of a building up ahead that seemed to be a bit lively with a few people coming and going from it, she could hear the sound of voices from where they were so she could only assume it was the tavern. Upon reaching it Cara did the same thing she did as the general store and held the door open for the other two as her hands were a more open then theirs were. Once they were inside she followed and let the door close behind her.

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