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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN)

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"Oh alright," he said with a good-natured smile to Kimberly. Once the shopkeep joined their merry little band, he too handed over his list to the man. "Good luck," he said to Cara before she scooted out of the shop. He looked over at Kimberly again. "I should probably get fitted then. Be back in but a moment."

Zot wandered over to the tailor and stood upon a rickety stool as the person measured him. The tailor seemed a bit flummoxed over the fact he was so tall because they didn't have enough fabric to cover all of him and still have enough left for others of a more natural height it would seem. As such his robes would likely be about half a foot too short but he agreed anyway, assuring the woman that that was fine by him.

Once he was done, he hopped down and wandered back over to the shopkeep and Kimberly who was being so kind to help gather their things. He pulled out a coin purse from inside his vest and paid the man for his wares as he packaged them up and set them inside of a brand new cauldron. "Thank you so much. Both of you," he said quite genuinely.

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