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A Chance Meeting (Artashir)

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Salazar was on the last leg of his Normandy trip, staying with the Doaks of Dieppe. Another two days and he would be heading home to the Isles - Scotland, to be exact. It was time to return to the school and make it his home. Set up his common room, designs the bedchambers, do final approvals of likely a dozen things and (most importantly) see his friend again. It had been months since their last reunion, longer since they'd communicated and he found that he was missing them terribly.

During this latest absence, Rowena had finished the castle. That he'd had word of - at least. And Godric was still traveling, looking for students. Helga was likely shoring up their supplies for the coming year. He wanted to be home with them, helping with the work and just seeing them every day. Talking about their future plans for the school and seeing the finishing touches put into place. Since starting the building of Hogwarts, he had never gone so long without seeing at least one of them and now...now he was lonely.

And ever so bored. Charming and manipulating people into considering sending their children across the sea to a brand new school was not difficult work for him. There was just little to challenge him. There was a script that he basically read - an invitation of sorts - and then he answered the same questions over and over. If every parent and guardian sent their child, then it wasn't a waste but there were no guarantees. It was a rather long journey and how many would truly want to brave it was the real question.

Perhaps Rowena had been right - this was too far to throw out their net, so to speak. But Salazar had to try. If the school was going to succeed, then they needed every single student they could get. Even if these trips here only brought them two or three, it would end up being a well spent venture.

Salazar was taking a walk around the grounds of the Doaks' compound, enjoying their scenic view before dinner. Supposedly a wizard of some renown was joining them as well, though he had not heard what the man specialized in. Salazar certainly had never heard the name Vardyan but the continent was vast and not all news reached Britannia. Thus, he had wanted an eye on the man before they came face to face, hoping that the meeting would be worth having extended his stay for this long.

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While there was no need to think of it in such a way, Artashir had come to realise that having Sancia accompanying him made the journey north much more comfortable than it would have been, had he been alone. While he had the coin to dress well, having a ward of such genteel birth as Sancia opened far more doors than he would have thought possible. That, apparently, included the invitation to spend time in the company of the Doaks. Dieppe was one of their final stops on their way along the coast, until they would be able to find a crossing across the channel.

The home they had been welcomed to was, in all truth, rather magnificent for the cold coastline of Francia. After so long along Mediterranean coasts, the journey Artashir and Sancia had taken northwards had been a bit of a shock for both of them. However, Artashir's goal was still waiting on the horizon, and no amount of poor Francian climates was going to deter him from continuing on. After all, he owed it to the girl. And so, he made sure Sancia always had enough furs to keep her warm - she was not going to catch cold on his watch.

One thing that Artashir had become deeply guilty of was believing it was only on Sancia's merit that they were able to find these gracious hosts, entirely ignoring the fact that he was not exactly unrecognisable in certain circles. While mathematics was not exactly a subject of choice in Europe, there were enough people who could maintain a conversation on the topic. Hopefully, that included the Doaks.

Their arrival had been fairly ordinary, after the discomfort of the road up from Rouen. Artashir had dozed off a few times on the route, and the dull ache in his neck reminded him constantly of the awkward positions he'd fallen asleep in. Finally, however, they were within the walls of Dieppe, and steadily making their way up to the Doaks' compound. The man stepped down, straightening his tunic a little - he was not going to greet his hosts looking scruffy. After he adjusted the dark mustard wool of his cloak, he offered out a hand to help Sancia, then began to walk, with her by his side.

It seemed that they would not be alone for the evening. As the man looked around the gardens, he caught sight of an unfamiliar man. Artashir's eyes fell on the stranger, and offered him a quick smile and a brief nod of his head. Perhaps, had he been a little more observant, he would have thought that the man was waiting. However, he was focused on the girl beside him. "Alawnik, make sure you relax tonight, we have a very long journey ahead of us."

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Salazar was looking out in the direction of the sea, though it wasn't quite in view from here. Still, he knew where it was, directing his focus towards his homeland. Just barely, he heard the shuffle of people at the gate as it opened. Turning towards it, he found a man and young lady entering the compound. The man was of origins that he couldn't quite identify, though the young lady was of lighter complexion; likely somewhere here in Francia or perhaps a bit south. Certainly not of Norman ancestry but that was of no consequence. As long as the blood ran true, that was what mattered to him.

When the man smiled at him, Salazar simply nodded, making his way over to the couple. While it would be rude to not wait for his host to introduce them, he wanted to know if his time here had been wasted or not. While the visitor was a bit scruffy looking, so was Godric usually after a long stint on the road. Appearance meant nothing to him and if the girl was of an age where he could convince who he assumed was Vardyan to send his daughter on to the school...

Striding across the lawn, he stopped when he had reached the couple, bowing slightly to them both. "Forgive my rudeness. This is most inappropriate but would you happen to be Artashir Vardyan?" He questioned, studied them both, trying not to be so critical. Helga always said he was too quick to judge people and with the school opening, whether he liked it or not, he was going to have to be more accepting of all social classes. Thus, he was going to try - for the school's sake. 

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