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Kimberly Vavassour

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Registered: Dec 2021

Name: Kimberly Vavassour

Age/Sex: 17/Female

Birthday: 26 October, 977

Blood Status: Muggle-born

House: Gryffindor

Wand: 8”, Ash, Unicorn Hair

Family Members:

Husband: Wynter Vavassour , 20 years old

Father: Landon Fleete, 36 years old

Mother: Tabitha Fleete (deceased)

Brother: Jarvis Fleete, 20 years old

Father-in-Law: Hadrian Vavassour, 40 years old

Mother-in-Law: Vivien Vavassour, 39 years old

Brother-in-Law: Henry Vavassour, 23 years old

Sister-in-Law: Isabel Vavassour 22 years old (Henry’s wife)

Nephew: Russell Vavassour 7 years old

Bryan Vavassour, 1-year-old

Niece: Alice Vavassour, 3 years old


Personality: Kimberly is an introvert, not really one to go into anything about her life. She learned on her travels that you have to be careful who you trust. There had been plenty of people who she tried to open up to, giving them only small details. Unfortunately, they all proved that they wanted to use her, not care.

Once a person earns her trust, Kimberly is willing to tell them about her travels and life.

She is not afraid to get dirty to get a job done because nothing is ever free. Kimberly understands if she is going to get anywhere she has to do things herself. She works hard to get anything so is confused when seeing things being given away.

Kimberly tries to avoid anything that has to do with children. Seeing their faces brings back the guilt and memories of home. She knew that if she could have gotten pregnant with just one child she would never have been forced out of her home.

History: Kimberly was born on the 26th of October in the town of Folkstone. She was a premature baby and her parents were worried she would not survive. During this time her mother never let her out of her sight believing something would happen. Her older brother Jarvis, about four at the time, didn't appreciate having a baby in the house, especially one that took so much of his mother's attention. He was used to having all the attention from his parents, but Kimberly was the one getting it now. Kimberly survived,and, despite the worry of her parents and the local midwife, became a happy healthy baby. By the time she was declared healthy enough to survive, Jarvis started to open up to having a kid sister. He found he had a friend in Kimberley since, once she learned to crawl, she would follow him around the house while their mother did the chores.

Kimberly had a very happy and simple childhood. She was a child that was full of love and energy. Once she started to walk, it was impossible to keep a hold on her since she wanted to run. She hated sitting still which made things difficult for her mother who couldn't always watch out for her while she had chores to do. Her mom had been happy when Kimberly was finally tired enough for a nap. Even though it was only for an hour or so, Tabitha spent that time getting the chores completed. It was a relief to both Kimberly and her mother when Kimberly reached an age she could start helping around the house and learn basic skills.

One day, Kimberly was helping her mother make soup when the elder woman told Kimberly she did not feel well. This didn't stop her mother from working, however. Over the next week, her mother kept getting worse until eventually, she was bed-ridden. Not long afterward, Kimberly's mother died, leaving her in the care of her father and brother. Jarvis handled the loss better than she did, mostly because he had spent most of his time with their father, helping out in father Landon's blacksmith stall.

Kimberly stayed home while her father and brother went to work each day. She did the few chores she had learned from her mother. She would also spend time out in the stables, where the family kept four horses. These were large horses used to pull the family wagon to pick up supplies in town and to deliver products to and from their store. She would brush them and treat them more as companions than just work animals.

The older she got, the more chores she could perform until finally, all her father had to do when he returned home was focus on making dinner. She was cleaning in one room and realized she forgot the bucket on the other side of the room. She heard a noise and looked up to see the bucket slowly sliding towards her. This caused her to scream, for she had no idea what was going on. She felt the bucket was possessed by some evil spirit at work so the girl fled the house, thinking of only getting away from the bucket.

She stayed outside for about four hours, hoping the spirit possessing the bucket would leave the house and go somewhere else. Eventually, she re-entered the house, knowing her father would be home soon and would not be pleased to find her standing outside, scared to enter. Kimberly did not want her father to think she was crazy; therefore she decided that it was best to never tell him. The bucket did not seem to move all the time either so maybe it was a fluke.

Kimberly had made sure not to let her family know since she figured if her family suspected weird things that happened were her fault, they might run to the village with the story she was evil. Were that to get to the priests, Kimberly would soon meet her death by stone or fiery stick. She grew more worried when similar incidents occurred twice more over the following month. She continued to keep it a secret, constantly worried that her father would see her as a witch or possessed by demons. Or he may just think she was making it all up and will beat her. She was worried and started to believe that she might be a witch like those the Priests talked about who often ended up burned at the stake.

As she grew older and was out in town picking up things needed at the home or to bring lunch to her father and brother, Kimberly would see the rich women in their fancy dresses. She felt envious they could afford such fancy clothing that was full of color and detail. The girl had been able to get the rough material to make some dresses for when she came to town. Most were simple colors and designs though. She would go home those nights and imagine her in fancier outfits.

Her father taught her over the years to read and write simple words needed when shopping as well as simple sums. He had not wanted her to get tricked into getting spending more on something.

About a month after her 13th birthday she was married to the local baker’s son who was 15 at that time. Wynter had only waited this long to do it so that Landon and Jarvis could save up the money to pay her small dowry. She then moved from her house with her father and brother into one with her husband. The house was rather small, but Kimberly saw this as a good thing for her because it meant she had less to clean. Unlike before, when she would finish getting the house clean then head to her father's shop, she now was heading off to her mother-in-law’s house where she learned the things that a housewife needed to know. She had not learned much of what was considered her duty because she had no mother to teach her. She had not looked forward to it but knew it was something she was to do so listened and focused on it all.

Wynter had cared about Kimberly since before they married. He has known her for some time, ever since he and Jarvis became friends. Wynter and Jarvis grew up together, as both were the same age, and their parent's shops weren't too far from each other. Wynter worked hard to ensure he could give Kimberly the best life he could manage. He never knew how different she was. He may have decided she was not the woman for him. She had been lucky so far that no one had been around or noticed when odd things happened around her. She thought she had been close to revealing her magic once with her mother-in-law when becoming irritated with a messed-up sewing lesson. Kimberly knew it was nothing like what Vivien showed her. She had moved to the kitchen to get a glass of water when a pie that she got from the bakery for dinner exploded.

Over the next four years of their marriage, Kimberly started to fall in love with her husband. She knew that the marriage had originally only happened because he was a friend of the family and no one else wanted her. The only thing that would have made this marriage perfect would have been children. Wynter was great with kids and showed it every time that his sister-in-law Isabella would bring her children over after work hours. Kimberly was starting to worry about whether or not she could have had a child.

She made sure to still go to the lessons she was getting but as soon as they were over, Kimberly would head home to work on getting dinner fixed to not be near children. Family dinners were even starting to become harder for her because Wynter would spend all his time with his nieces and nephews. Kimberly would be seen playing with them also but always came home and cried herself to sleep. She always felt like a failure because the one thing her husband wanted she could never give him.

Kimberly had been slowly saving money back from the money Wynter gave her every week to buy the food needed for the week. She had been saving so she could get him a gift. The holidays came and Kimberly started to feel sick.

She believed that she had become pregnant because her sister-in-law Isabella had acted the same way during her pregnancies. She had loved it because she now had a wonderful present for her husband. Kimberly went to the bakery and told Wynter that she had been feeling sick but thought that she was finally feeling hungry, meaning she was getting better. That had been all they got for Christmas because it was one thing they both wanted.

The hardest part had come just after the first of the new year. Kimberly had been home when her monthly finally came. She knew that could cause contention so she had called for one of the midwives of the town to come and help her. With her help, she found out that she had not been pregnant at all. She was just running late and had a sickness that had been going around the town. Kimberly had cried the whole day while she worked on making her husband’s favorite meal because she needed to tell him something horrible.

Kimberly had not realized how hard it would have been to let her husband know she was not pregnant. She told him the truth but never expected his reaction. Wynter had yelled at her saying that it was all her fault. She had yet to have any children while everyone else around them had children. Kimberly started to argue back with him, saying that she had been sorry. She had been trying to do everything she could but nothing seemed to be happening. While she was yelling at him, the demon that seemed to be following her everywhere she went decided to attack again and started a fire on the table.

He looked towards the fire before turning and running out the door to get some help. He was going to try and stop the fire before it got out of hand and they lost the whole house. Kimberly feared he was going to blame her for this even though she did not purposefully cause it. Kimberly did not know where the fire had come from but felt, with the failed childbearing as well as the repeated outbreaks of magic, now was the time to leave. The woman ran to their room and grabbed the spare money she had been saving, as well as one dress. Before darting out the door, Kimberly grabbed a somewhat-dull knife from the kitchen.

Once out of the house, she snuck out the back door and saddled the horse her father gave her as a wedding gift. The horse had become too old to work so instead of getting it killed, she kept him. Kimberly rode off knowing that she could never come back to Folkstone or see her family again. She looked around at all the snow as she pulled her warmest cloak around her. However, since the cloak was old and had holes, it would probably do little good. She knew that Wynter could get married again since he was going to leave her single and alone anyway because she was not able to have children.

Kimberly had kept riding even though it was harder in the deep snow. She had to get as far away from the town as she could so that they would not be able to find her. The nearest town, Dover, was only a day’s ride away, but she knew that it was going to take her longer since she had to stay on less-traveled roads in case someone was following her. This was also the safest way because no one else was likely to run into her. Kimberly was lucky enough to reach the nearest village by the next night, choosing the less expensive room choice by sleeping outside the town wall.

The next morning she headed into the town to search for a cheap stall. Kimberly considered herself lucky when she went into one of the shops and found they were willing to give her a warmer cloak with a hood and gave her food in trade for her wedding ring. After a small meal and giving her horse a few apples, she was on the road again. She had no idea where she was going, her only thought was to keep moving forward and never look back. She continued to travel, staying to the small paths that were not commonly traveled. During the nights when she stopped to sleep for more than 4 hours, she would try to find a dry place.

Kimberly had been cold but started to risk it even more by stopping close to the edges of town to sleep. She learned that staying there would allow her more warmth so she would not have to pay for a room inside to sleep. It also helped out because by watching the guard she could not make fire. Once in the town, she finds the cheapest place to wash up without getting sick. By this time Kimberly already had been through Lympne and Romney.

When the snow stopped, a smile appeared on her face again. However, this now meant she would be running into even more dangerous animals. With only the kitchen knife, Kimberly had been lucky enough to not have to worry before now. She looked at everything she had and knew that she could only go for about one more month before having to find a town to try and find work. She has been lucky enough to find random berries and other foods on the side of the roads to eat and yet got sick.

Nearing the end of her supplies, Kimberly heard a traveler passing by her hiding spot that she was barely a half day's ride from Hastings. Due to the lateness of the hour, she decided to wait out the evening where she was and complete her journey the next morning. The young woman curled up some sleep. Her dreams were short-lived when the sound of a frantic horse woke her. Her eyes opening, she found a wolf standing in her camp, growling. The only thing she could think to do was grab the knife, even if it was not sharp enough to do much damage. Trying to stab the beast, Kimberly was bitten in the hand. She had been right that the knife was not sharp enough to hurt it. In the process of being proven correct, the wolf attacked, sinking its teeth into her wrist. Kimberly knew the only thing that cause the wolf to leave was if it got close enough to the fire its tail could catch fire.

Kimberly screamed and cried from the pain. She understood that she was finally going to have to stay in the next town for a while. The main reason was that she needed to be somewhere that there was a person that could look at her wrist since it was already trying to swell. If it happened to not be infected she needed to make sure that it did not have the chance. If she kept traveling right after this happened it would get infected for sure. She had not been able to get any sleep worried that she would move wrong and start the bleeding again.

The next morning she got onto her horse after some trouble since her hand hurt. She made it to the town but knew she would have to find someone to help her out. After that, she needed to find a place to stay that would be cheap. The first part had been the easiest because all she had to do was find the healer in town. Kimberly had been relieved when told that her wrist was not infected but that when the wolf had bitten her, the bone had broken. This meant though she was going to be stuck in this town for a while because there was no way she would have been able to do anything with her wrist unusable.

Kimberly searched most of the day trying to find a place to stay. It was harder than originally planned, most people wanted someone that could use both their hands. She finally found a spot towards the outside of town with a couple. Their daughter had just gotten married so there was a spare room. Kimberly helps them out with some of the basic chores and cooking. She stayed at their house for about 2 months, allowing her wrist to heal and get back to normal. It was great since the demon that caused all of this seemed to have lost her trail also. Kimberly had never expected to stay in one spot for long and most likely would have left if not been attacked by a wolf.

Kimberly told them that once better, she needed to head out. They had been willing to allow that to happen but did not understand why the girl would be leaving so soon. That night she offered to do all the cleaning up so they could relax from the day. This was when the demon came back into her life; Kim had been cleaning her dishes when there was something outside the window that seemed to be out of place. Not knowing what it was and worried, her accidental magic exploded all of the dishes. Kimberly finally started to believe she had to have something wrong with her. Every time she seemed to have gotten mad or upset destroyed things. The witch moved to try and clean up most of the dishes before putting a little of the money she still had on the table before sneaking out. She could not handle seeing their faces when they woke up and saw everything destroyed.

Kimberly ran to get her horse before moving to leave the town. The adventure was to begin again her traveling from different towns looking for a place to settle down. Kimberly admits that being a witch, she needed to find a place where they would not kill her.

The couple the next morning woke up seeing that Kimberly was gone. When the wife made it to the kitchen it was made clear why the girl left now. The kitchen was destroyed and then little money on the table for damages. She moved over to pick the money up knowing that the destruction was done by magic which could cause Kim more trouble in the end. They worked on sending a letter to an old friend hearing that their family had opened up a school for magic, letting them know everything about Kimberly that they had figured out.

Kimberly had made it halfway to Lewes when her life moved to take another turn. She had stopped one night to rest thinking she had been far enough from the road to have not been seen with a fire going. The fire was visible since there happened to be a man that she learned later was Godric Gryffindor. He was offering her a spot in his house at a school that was opening for people like her. Kim was going to learn how to control her magic instead of blowing things up and setting fires.

Once the invitation to the school was accepted, Godric took her to an inn up north to stay in and work while awaiting the school year to begin. At the very beginning, her future reading and writing tutor came to meet her, leaving a slate, chalk, and a copy of her ABCs to practice to prepare her for school. She got to where she was able to write them out every letter even if it was not clean. Her spelling and reading were still poor.



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