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Godric Gryffindor

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Registered: Dec 2021

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Name: Sir Godric Gryffindor
Age/Sex: 33/Male
Birthday: 12 April
Blood Status: Half-blood (Shh, it’s a secret)
Wand: 12 ½” Ash w/ Phoenix tail feather core
Teaches: Founder of Gryffindor House, Rotating Teacher (Defense to Gryffindor)

Family Members:
Father: Cenric Gryffindor, Deceased
Mother: Aelis Gryffindor (55)
Elder brother: Gifford Gryffindor, Duke of Wessex (34)
Sister-in-Law: Rhian (Hufflepuff) Gryffindor, Duchess of Wessex (30)
Sister: Lady Guenevere “Gwen” Gryffindor (21)
Brother in law: Lord Shelton Moore (Deceased)
Niece: Lorraine “Lora” Moore (1)
Nephews: Carrick Gryffindor (13)
        Lancer Gryffindor (11)
        Avery Gryffindor (9)
Companion: A Newfoundland named Rhiannon

Personality: Godric is quite confident in his skills. Most would call him an arrogant arse but the man insists that would only be true if he wasn’t so smart or talented. When someone does manage to best him, he will throw himself into that skill - to the point where he will often forget about everything else in the endeavor to better himself. The only skill he will downplay is his ability in Transfiguration but that’s for reasons no one else needs to know.

He is a very strong believer in bravery, honor, and chivalry. While his behavior in the past may have led to some less than ideal behavior in his pursuit for survival, he tries to uphold those ideals whenever possible. It is because of those poor decisions in his past that he has decided to make them the cornerstone of his house’s value system with the hopes that his students will learn to make better choices than he did.

With so many years spent on battlefields, Godric is a bit of a mangled spirit. He’s seen and done too many things he isn’t proud of, though on most days you could not tell it. In truth, his almost always happy and often mischievous behavior is very much a bandage on a wound that just won’t heal. There are rare occasions when it shows but when it does, it’s rather difficult to pull him out of his dark mood. His friends have learned a variety of ways to do so but it usually involves doing something rather dangerous (i.e. foolish) or using actual magic on him, which (of course) is a rare occurrence. But when he’s needed, what other choice is there?

History: Though he does not like to speak much about it, Godric’s line is a regal one - dating back to his great uncle, Edmund Ironside, who, up until his death, was the king of Wessex. Upon said death, the land was returned to the current king of England - Cnut of Denmark. To appease Edmund’s family, the king granted them the dukedom, hoping that it would keep them peaceful enough to manage the land without reason to mount a rebellion.

While Edmund’s sons were not so pleased with this and went into exile, Edmund’s only nephew Cenric was more than happy to take on the dukedom with the hope that such a title would protect his great secret - he was a wizard. Unlike his cousins, who did not receive such a gift, Cenric knew that for the sake of his children and wife, he could happily live in peace and manage the land for the foreign king.

Godric, therefore, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Of course, he immediately spit the spoon back out and grabbed for a dagger to feed himself, finding it a much more useful tool. Considering that he was a second son, he could not have been more correct. The only gifts he has ever taken were the sword he received upon being knighted and a few horses that he personally inspected before selecting - of course, there was also the gift of magic and brilliance, which his mother bestowed upon him through birth and then through extensive lessons throughout his childhood.

Upon Godric turning seven, Cenric already knew he was growing weak and would soon quit the mortal world. Thus, the Duke arranged to have his youngest son sent to serve as a page in a magical nobleman’s home so that Godric could work towards a knighthood, giving him a good, though possibly short, future.

Due to his standing as ‘the spare heir’, Godric forced himself to work harder than the other pages, excelling in the arts of swordplay as well as archery. By the time he reached knighthood at 17, there were few men in the area that could best him in sword play or magical dueling. In fact, of all the magical wizards that he faced at one of many magical gatherings, there was only one wizard who could match almost evenly - an Irish Celt by the name of Salazar Slytherin.

Upon reaching his knighthood, Godric joined with a group of other magical knights who were also spare heirs and took to roaming the land, lending their sword arms to whomever could pay for their services. Among these men were his sister’s future husband as well as another Irishman named Merrick Raine. Very rarely did he return home after this point and it was only for very important family matters such as the marriage of his brother to a Welsh woman by the name of Rhian Hufflepuff. While Godric complained bitterly at his mother’s insistence that he return, it was to his benefit for this was when he first met his future sister-in-law and, by association, her younger sister: a 13 year old Helga Hufflepuff.

Though a grown man at this point, he was intrigued by the young woman’s flair with charms. It was she who provided much of the wedding meal that the guests partook in. While he suffered much teasing for it later, even warnings by his brother that the pair were spending so much time together, he might just arrange for a second wedding, Godric refused to be distracted as the pair discussed magic late after the feast was retired along with most of the guests. Godric and his brothers-in-arms departed the Gryffindor home the following day, but the connection he’d made with the intelligent young lady who had caught his attention did not end. The two often exchanged letters when his time in the field allowed it. With help from Helga, the meals around the campfire improved considerably in quality, to the gratitude of his comrades. 

At the age of twenty-three, Godric was working for the MacAplins of Scotland, helping fight their war for the throne. He received an invitation to a wedding to duel as part of the entertainment. Knowing the family was magical, he invited Salazar to come along and duel as well. Everyone had always said the pair were at their best when they dueled each other and Godric figured no one would mind one extra person. To his surprise, he found his old friend Helga Hufflepuff there, managing the food for yet another wedding. It was here that he met Rowena MacDumnaill  (whose wedding it was), a bewitching young woman who stole his heart without even realizing it. Over the course of the magnificent party, the quartet found themselves shuffling together to talk more and more and by the time Salazar and Godric departed, he knew that he had found another magical friend that could match him as the other two did.

A short while later, Rowena contacted him with news of a dream that she had had. So eager to please her, Godric agreed to the endeavor - even suggesting they bring in Salazar, as the young man was just as talented as he was (in most ways). 

Thus, Rowena began the long process of building the castle, designing it with input from her friends on a few extra features they felt belonged in such a magnificent structure. It was on a day when Godric was coming to visit and lay down some protective wards that Rowena wasn’t certain about. When he reached her home, seeking refuge from a snowstorm that he’d been riding through, Godric found Lord Ravenclaw in the stables with someone he definitely did not belong with! 

Enraged by the betrayal of his friend, Godric drew his wand and changed Lord Ravenclaw into the dog that he was, immediately returning him to his brother’s own kennels with the excuse that he found it wandering around and seemed like it would be a good pedigree to be bred with. (He gets a very good laugh out of that every time he goes into the kennels to see the new litters).

To secretly make up for the loss of a father she would never know, Godric took the fluffiest black pup from the first litter of the newest addition to the kennels. He presented it to little Helena with the explanation to Rowena later that he thought there should be someone there to protect her daughter until she was old enough to protect herself; plus be a companion. Rowena reluctantly accepted the dog and it seemed like little Helena was delighted with the newest addition to their family. So good was the dog for her that Godric ended up going back to the kennels to select one for himself. Someone to keep him company on his long travels across the country and keep him safe when he was vulnerable.

It took ten years for the castle to be built to Rowena’s dream. In the meantime, Godric has been serving with his brothers in arms, searching for students as well as teachers, and layering the defensive spells around the school to make certain that it was as magically secure as it was sound.

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