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Salazar Slytherin

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Name: Salazar Slytherin
Age/Sex: 31/Male
Birthday: 30 December
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: 11 ½” Snakewood w/ Basilisk horn Core
Teaches: Founder of Slytherin house; Rotating teacher

Family Members:
Sechnassaich Slytherin (Wizard Father)
Shealy (Witch Mother)

Personality: Salazar is a man of high aims and ideals. He is rarely dissuaded from any goal he sets out to achieve, determined to do so at any cost. While he can be quite charming and sociable when required (due to his skills in legilimency), he prefers the quiet solitude of his own company or that of his close friends and family. The fact that he is close friends with the boisterous, popular Godric Gryffindor is a marvel yet somehow, they complement each other in mostly the best of ways. 

After a lifetime of his mother’s insistence on the importance of blood purity, he has come to realize that she is absolutely correct. While there are many talented half-blood wizards out there, he feels that muggle-borns taint the whole magical world. They come to their magic by luck and have a stronger tendency towards wild and unpredictable magic, which is unacceptable to the well-ordered world of Salazar Slytherin. While all youths are prone to magical outbursts (which is why he is a strong believer in the school they are building - to help minimize the severity of those outbursts), muggle borns are out in the world, all too often exposing that there are magical people in the world and thus endangering the wizarding world at large. 

While many would think him an indoors sort of person, Salazar is quite the naturalist. He enjoys continuing his studies of plants as well as magical creatures, especially serpents to whom he can speak and can be found just as often outside as he is inside. Salazar is easily adaptable to situations, after an education consisting of inconsistency from his mother. While she was a thorough teacher, he never quite knew what to expect her to teach from day to day so he had to be ready for anything. He will expect the same of his students in the near future. 

History: Salazar Slytherin was the only child of a wizard renowned for his knowledge of the ancient world and a witch of unknown origins. On the vernal equinox, Sechnassaich attended a magical celebration of the event only to find Shealy. She never gave him her name yet the two were bonded in a way the aging wizard had never before experienced. They spent the night talking and then not talking. In the morning, she was gone again without a word of good-bye. And she stayed gone until late that winter when she suddenly appeared in the front hall of the small fortress he inhabited. Of course, Sechnassaich was shocked that the beautiful young witch would have looked at him once, let alone come back to him after all these months. It wasn’t until she let out one long scream that she realized why she had returned…

Summoning a midwife, their only living son was born less than a day later. Named Salazar, he was instantly beloved and doted on by his father. His mother had other plans, however. She was rather hard on the young boy; quite demanding about his studies - both magical and practical. 

On the day he turned eleven, she ordered him dressed and prepared for another outing but instead of heading to their usual fen for instruction (for she believed that cold weather would make him stronger in the long run) Shealy apparated him far away from home and informed him that, as was the custom of her people, he would be alone - always alone and he needed to be prepared for that eventuality. Thus, she left him a single potion to drink and enough food for a day and night before apparating away, leaving him in an unfamiliar place with the only order being to find his way home.

It took him just over two weeks to finally trudge his way back into the great hall where his mother had first started labor, his knowledge of the stars and natural world keeping him alive long enough to survive the trip. It was a close thing but when he arrived, though angry at his mother, he saw her point. He had had a great many adventures along the way, though he has spoken with very few about exactly what all occurred during that time.

But upon his return, he presented his mother and father with a wand crafted with his own hands. His father threw a grand party in his honor. Wizards from all over the British Isle were invited to celebrate the coming of age for Sechnassaich’s only child, among whom was a young man named Godric Gryffindor.

While Salazar was, of course, courteous to all the attendees, it was the brash young Godric who, hearing that Salazar was in possession of a new wand, challenged the new ‘man’ as to whether or not he could use the thing. The pair fought duel after duel for the enjoyment of a growing crowd. Salazar’s father was horrified but his mother was pleased when her son managed to hold his own, even if he never won. After countless rounds, finally Sechnassaich called them to heel and for the rest of the three day party, the pair were always in each other's company, speaking of their knowledge and competing over who knew more yet still sharing and tutoring each other in the areas that the other was weak. 

In the end, they had created a friendship that would last a lifetime. It was actually Shealy who taught Godric to apparate, allowing him to often appear in the Slytherin household. He was welcomed as a fellow pureblood by Salazar’s father and only grudgingly by his mother. Yet she saw the wisdom in having a powerful young man to compete and hone the magical weapon that was her son. When the two young men could not visit due to Godric’s increasingly busy schedule, they were able to send letters back and forth. To challenge each other, they would communicate in codes that the other had to figure out. Just another contest to see who was smarter. 

Of course, in these sorts of games, Salazar always came out on top. HIs use of wits were far superior to Godric’s, though he tried not to rub it in too often. Meanwhile, Salazar made friends with other magical people on the Irish Isle as well as parts of the British Isle, though his mother was quite insistent that any lengthy friendships only exist between them and those of pure magical blood - no exceptions. With celebrations every solstice and equinox, there were plenty of chances for him to get to know his peers and make connections that would serve him for the rest of his life.

One of these gatherings brought him a very young witch by the name of Rowena MacDumnaill, who had heard of his wand making skills and asked him to help her make one of her own. Though he refused to tell her the exact details of his wand, he did exactly for her what his mother did for him. When she returned within two weeks time, Salazar was - needless to say - impressed that she managed to beat his time. 

Furious at what he had done, she said all sorts of nasty things to him but in the end, all he could say was, ‘Well, you wanted a wand and what’s that in your hand’? It was the only argument he feels that he’s ever won fairly against her. After (verbally) cursing him soundly, Rowena was returned to her home in Scotland and though she didn’t speak to him at any gatherings for quite a while for what he had done, they still ended up in each other’s company from time to time.

A few years later, Godric invited him along to a wedding where Godric was to perform as a duelist as part of the celebration. To his surprise, the wedding was for a much older Rowena who seemed to grudgingly forgive him as the night of the party lengthened. Godric, a young girl named Helga, himself, and the witty Rowena seemed to gather together to speak at great length, largely ignoring most of the party itself. They compared notes on magic, discussing its possibilities and theories around and around in circles until the sun dawned on the horizon and a new day had begun.

It wasn’t long after that that Godric contacted him with the news that young Rowena had had a dream about starting a school to teach magic. Salazar considered the option as a viable future for himself. After that long night of talking and the friendship that grew out of it, he knew that these were good people he could work with. And he certainly knew a great deal that he could pass on to future pureblood generations. Thus, he agreed to join them in this great endeavor.

For the last ten years, he has been preparing for his role as a teacher while traveling the British Isles and even Northern Normandy, seeking out and inviting those students he feels would be best served by this opportunity.

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