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Hufflepuff Roll Call

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Helga stood beside a pyramid of barrels stacked beside the wall of a corridor, awaiting the final stragglers of students that would be enjoying the dorm house she had crafted for them. The corridor continued on behind her leading the way to the kitchens but it was this place she wanted the students to focus on at the moment.

Smiling at the group, she calmly pulled out her want and raised it up slightly until she could see every pair of eyes looking in her direction. She made a point to ask that they all pay attention in what she was about to do was the key to unlocking the space beyond and should they pick incorrectly they would be greeting with an unpleasant surprise. While she hadn't been in favor of needing passcodes and locks on the dorm houses, it was brought kindly to her attention it would help the students of her house feel a little more secure having a place somewhat restricted and secure to return to at the end of each day. Much like the front door of a house or castle, it was an important piece to what made it feel like a home.

Helga moved her wand and gently tapped the second left barrel on the third row three times then took a half step back. A moment later the center barrels began to rise up with a faint groan creating a wide entrance to the room beyond. With a gentle wave of her free hand, she invited the students to step inside and take in what she had carefully crafted for them to enjoy and thrive in. 

The room was made of light yellow colored brinks in an oval shape, Circular windows around the upper walls brought in beams of fresh sunlight or moonlight depending on the time of day and thick dark wooden beams spanned across the high ceiling. Rather than paintings or sculptures lining the walls, there was vines of ivy trailing down from the windows and shelves of potted plants and books between those spaces. Across from the entrance was a large and inviting fireplace, a welcoming fire was already blazing away creating a warm environment accompanied by the various plush furniture and rugs scattered about the room. Helga's aim had been to make the space feel like a second home to each one of her students. Give them the warmth, peace, and comfort to put help put their minds at ease and guards to the side in order to rest, relax, and take a moment to simply breathe.

 "My warmest of greetings to you all and welcome to Hufflepuff house. I am very happy to have all of you here" Helga said as she stepped inside the room and let the door close behind her. She smiled as looked around at the group. She walked across the room, gently parting her way through the gathered group of students until she stood several steps in front of the grand fireplace. Above it was her portrait, though she didn't much enjoy putting herself up there like that it too had been a suggestion from one her friends to help her students get better familiar with her when she couldn't be around. 
She gently tugged a rolled scroll from the pocket of her robes, unrolling it gently as she looked at the group. "Now lets see if we can get a little more acquainted shall we. I have here a list of your names and when I call out your name please step forward and introduce yourself. If you feel like saying a bit more about yourself or happen to have a funny story you wish to share please feel free to do so. For as long as you are here I hope to provide you with a place you may call home and the students here both part of your house as well as those in the other houses you can call family. Now shall we begin? I know you must all be rather eager to unpack and relax after the long journey to get here." Helga said warmly to the crowd. With a smile she looked to the scroll and began to calmly read out the names, making sure to give each the time to give whatever form of greeting they decided to once they introduced themselves.

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While it took a while to get to him, when it was his turn Zot stepped forward as his name was called. "I am Zoticus Greyweather, but please call me Zot. Zoticus is so formal," he said, sounding a little embarrassed by this. "My father is Sir Emery Drake and he sent me here to learn how to use my magic. Back home I worked a lot with the blacksmith and armorsmith so I know a lot about smithing. I also like horses and pigs."

The tall and handsome young man actually blushed slightly before he took a step back into the crowd. He didn't like being the center of attention. Much like the smiths he worked with, he liked to be in the background doing the hard work. There was satisfaction in that he found.

There was a part of him that was already homesick. He missed his little sisters Madeline and Prudence and hoped that at some point he could convince his father to send them here for schooling too so he wouldn't be all alone in the Scottish wilderness. He idly wondered if his stepmother had designed this for him to get him out of the way for a while.

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