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RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 10-06-2022

Kimberly finished eating her food with the rest of them. She did not have the same experience as them eating since it was something she had been having for a while now. It never seemed to get worse though always tasted just as good as the last time. She works on trying to find a proper way of making way to leave the conversation soon. The witch did need to get back to work so that would get paid. The school was still new and even though told them everything would be free. It would be clear that she did not want to make Sir Gryffindor feel as if she was a burden to them all. He had been a nice gentleman in getting Lady Gwen to help her with everything and some more clothes.
Kimberly was trying to remember everything that she had been told about the founders of the school. She was not sure how they went about picking the people that come here but knew some about all of them. “From what I remember there were two females. They would send the males out to collect the students they thought were worthy of the school. The two of them though stayed back at the school working on making sure everything there was done correctly.”
She smiled at the woman that moved over to grab her bowl. Kimberly knew she was perfectly able to take it to the back herself. This was what the one girl was getting paid for though so allowed it not wanting to cause issues with the ones she would be hopefully still working with after all the holidays. “How they pick the people not sure because it seems as if they are not going based off if you are rich, poor, noble, peasant, or even a nobody. They found people that were special in a magical way and wanted them to come and learn.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 10-07-2022

While it wasn't much, the answers from the pair gave Cara a bit more to piece together on the masterminds behind the school creation. She hadn't been approached by any male wizard nor had she noticed anyone coming to the manor to discuss such a topic so she could only assume it was one of the two women who had sent her the invitation. Made sense when the noblewoman had said it was a friend who she had been discussing Cara with and it seemed more likely the friend was female not male. Guess if she had managed to learn to read she could have read the name on the letters folded away in her bag and found out that way but oh well.

She took note of the more important information, that it seemed like they weren't selected based on class or background as far as Kimberly had noticed. It made Cara a little less concerned she would be sent away if her full origins were discovered or most of them. She wasn't even sure who her parents were, the ones that hadn't even wanted her in the first place given they tried to sell her off. 

Cara gave her mind a shake to dislodge the subject from her mind before it stuck to firmly. No need to think on such things right now, it would only make her seem irritated and that was a question she wasn't willing to answer at the moment. In fact now that her stomach was full and more or less there was nothing to do but wait until morning to make her way to her new temporary home, there was a subtle call from the room waiting for her humming in her ear. 

"I guess its something we will find out for sure come tomorrow when we will come face to face with them at the school" she added. "One way or another they found a way to collect an assortment of magically gifted individuals who they decided to personally teach what they know. It will be an honor for sure given I hear they are something of high level wizards themselves. For them to want us, they must see something truly deserving of learning from some of the best."

Cara adjusted the key in her hand, rubbing her thumb along the metal surface. It seemed the end of the day was coming to a close but they all seemed hesitant to vocally call it out. No doubt Kimberly needed to get going soon, she was still working and only supposed to be away to help them around the trading post. Now that their shopping was done and more or less settled for the night she could return before she got into trouble for her delay in getting back. But would it be rude to voice such an observation? Maybe she wanted to sit for a bit longer, Cara wasn't sure just how much of a connect the two had made before she had approached for help earlier and they very well could be friends wanting just a few more minutes before the end of the night.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 10-07-2022

It eased Zot's mind a bit to know that their familial background didn't seem to matter here. True, he didn't care much that he was a bastard but some people saw it as a slight against him. Even more so that his father might recognize him officially and pass on his name, hoping that he would assist in making choices for the Drake family moving forward. While he had no attachment to the name and was perfectly happy being Zoticus Greyweather, it was important to know that would be perfectly fine for the school too.

Zot had an easy-going smile on his face as he looked between the two girls, feeling considerably more relaxed thanks to that information and of course the beer he had had with his dinner. When Cara mentioned hearing that the mysterious Founders were highly skilled in wizardry themselves, he tried to stop his sudden nervousness from rising. He knew next to nothing about true magic. 

While he was prepared to work hard at learning about the subject, it still rattled him a little bit given the fuss being made about it all. What would happen if he couldn't perform spells or magical elixirs or something like that? Up until this point his training had mostly consisted of metalworking, not enchantments. While his stepmother had helped when it came to reading and writing, he had still struggled with his attention span. It was physical labor that really kept him interested in a subject and he had never considered himself to be strong of mind. He hoped there was something physical he could do so they wouldn't turn him away and make him return home an embarrassment.

However, Zot put on a brave face for the ladies and smiled a little wider, trying to spread an aura of confidence to them. "I'm sure you fine ladies will do well at the school," he said firmly as if it was a sure fact. "I simply hope they have a bed big enough for me."

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 10-14-2022

Kimberly looked at them listening to everything. She would not admit that she was a little worried because she was heading to school tomorrow. They had tried to prepare her a little and she was lucky enough that here the magic had not messed up yet. There was going to becombeme when her magic did explode and that was not going to be fun. It was only a matter of time. “I want to thank both of you for the fun of the day. I need to get back to the blacksmiths though. It would not do me any good to not finish my work for the day before leaving. Plus since not sure what going to happen tomorrow I rather also try and get some sleep also.” Kimberly worked on moving to stand up a little.
She worked on handing her things over before nodding toward the others. Kimberly waved towards the one last time. “See you both tomorrow hopefully.” Kimberly then waved toward the barmaids before walking to the door to head back to the Blacksmiths for her last day of work.

<exit Kimberly>

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 10-14-2022

"I'm sure given their abilities, I wouldn't put it past them to have some sort of magical bed that will adjust to your height or something. Magic does seem to cause a few impossible things to be possible and with four of the strongest wizards I have faith they have figured out something to make it hospitable for us all" Cara said hoping to reassure Zot. If anything she was sure he could just snag a nearby empty bed to make himself a big one, there was no telling how many students were actually arriving tomorrow but it certainly couldn't be too many given the trading post wasn't over crowded with wizards and witches.

She turned to Kimberly as the other girl stood up and said she needed to get back to work. Cara didn't want to put any meaning to it but when Kimberly had thanked them for a the fun day she felt a small brush of warmth pass over her heart. She gave a small friendly and warm smile in return. "I should be thanking you for the fun day and all the help you gave me during your work break. I greatly appreciated it, from both of you" she said, glancing at Zot as she offered her thanks. "Have a good night Kimberly, see you tomorrow morning."

Cara turned back to Zot once the third member of their trio had exited, seeing as they both were done with their meals it hinted that maybe they should consider turning in for the night. It was a big day tomorrow and with no idea what was going to await them it seemed smart to at least try to get as much sleep as they could despite the excitement and nervousness rattling away through them. 

"I suppose it would be a good idea to call it here for the night, big day tomorrow and such" she said unsure just how else to bring it up without being rude or disrespectful. There was still a few things to do and she was a bit curious to look over her purchases before packing them up for the trip up to the school. 

Cara glanced up as the server wench approached to clear away their dishes and it was then she remembered Zot hadn't received a key for a room while she had. "Pardon me miss, my companion here had also requested a room but he wasn't given a key. Is there a chance he could get that now so we can retire for the evening" she asked politely. "We ad just the one room left miss and I thought the two of ye were together so I just done give you the key. Has two beds and tis one of the bigger rooms we got so it should be more then roomie fer the two of yea fer the night" The woman replied then swiftly collected their dishes and walked away.

She blinked a moment, stunned at the information that was now in front of her. Cara turned to Zot after regaining control of her reaction, curious to see how he was reacting to this. It wouldn't be so bad would it? Granted she had been looking forward to relaxing and unwinding in a room all to herself but she wasn't cruel enough to make someone sleep outside or down here in the tavern while she had room to herself. She wasn't looking forward to bonding or connecting with people but even she wasn't heartless enough to do that. "I don't have a problem with it if your ok, if its the last one I couldn't let you sleep down here or outside, I certainly don't need two beds to myself and if its as big as she says we shouldn't have to worry about invading into one another's space" Cara said as she looked at him. She doubted she was going to sleep much anyway tonight and Zot seemed like a good enough person not to take advantage of a situation. Her guard would be up regardless if she had the room to herself or had to share it so there wasn't too big of an issue.

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