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RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 04-10-2022

Cara was a little surprised by the expression Kimberly gave them, the other girl looked shocked that they had been concerned about her time away from her job they had pulled her from. Maybe she wasn't used to people wanting to make sure she didn't get into trouble or something where she had come from before now? Cara gave a mental shrug on the matter for now, so long as Kimberly seemed ok continuing to help and talk to them everything seemed ok to progress along.

"I guess its off to the tavern and inn next then" Cara said glancing between the two. Seeing that she was closest to the door out of the three and the chance her bow might hit one of them or something in the shop she turned around slowly then made her way to the door first and held it open for the other two step outside.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 04-10-2022

Zot nodded in understanding as Kimberly explained and again when Cara said they should be off then. He gladly carried the other girl's cauldron for her to make it easier on them all. He followed her to the door but waited until Kimberly proceeded him before shuffling out into the open air.

After such a long ride, he was starting to feel hungry and was glad they were headed toward the tavern now. A good meal and hopefully a good bed would do him wonders. He wanted to wake up refreshed for the adventure of his lifetime. He was also hoping a decent night's sleep would help ease his nervousness. He let the girls lead the way as he quietly followed behind. He felt like he had pestered them enough with questions so far and he didn't want to overstay his welcome just yet.

As they neared the tavern, he took a look around at the small trading post. It wasn't quite big enough to be considered a village but big enough to warrant some exploring. Maybe he would do that between the meal and bedtime.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 04-11-2022

Kimberly had stayed quiet as she held the bags for the Tavern. There was no reason for them to have to make a trip to pick the package up if she was going that way anyways. It was not going to be the first time she was taken back things with them. Kimberly was keeping an eye on everything that was going on. She would work on talking with the people at the tavern asking them where else they might be having. “They will know all the best spots for people to be working on staying. I stay in the tavern since work there most of the time. Only picked up a few shifts at the blacksmith to help.” Kimberly moved to the front door holding the things and opening the door so that they could work on entering to eat some food.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 04-12-2022

Cara held tight to her bag and bow as the three of them navigated back down the street, She wanted to make sure she didn't hit or trip either of them or anyone passing them by as they walked. Especially since she was glancing around slightly as they moved down the road, trying to grasp at a light feel of the trading post and everything that was here. There seemed to be a fare mix of people though who exactly was magical and who weren't was something she couldn't quite see just yet if at all. People over all seemed to get along which something about it just reminded her of the home she was trying to forget and Cara quickly tried to focus on something else before she drifted to far into that memory.

She turned slightly to Kimberly as the other girl spoke about the tavern being the best spot to finding lodging or work which seemed to make sense. Just about all the information in a village, town, or trading post often filtered through their doors the most. "It would have been nice if I could have gotten here a few days earlier. I would have liked to maybe work a little for some extra spending money and gotten a chance to get a better feel for this place before school started. Well, at least I'm glad I managed to get here the day before, I can't imagine the stress someone would be feeling with trying to arrive tomorrow and make it to the school on time" Cara said to the two. She caught sight of a building up ahead that seemed to be a bit lively with a few people coming and going from it, she could hear the sound of voices from where they were so she could only assume it was the tavern. Upon reaching it Cara did the same thing she did as the general store and held the door open for the other two as her hands were a more open then theirs were. Once they were inside she followed and let the door close behind her.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 06-16-2022

Zot listened to the girl's talk, not feeling the need to interject his own opinions. He was simply happy to have made tentative friends and had a pleased smile on his face. He nodded his head in thank you to Cara as she held open the door, waiting until Kimberly entered first since she was more familiar with the place, before stepping into the bustling tavern himself.

Taking a deep breath into his lungs, he could smell something meaty and delicious stewing in the kitchens as well as the slightly sour note of beer in the air. He liked the place already, though his stomach gave a bit of a gurgle which had him looking a little bashful.

"Shall we sit anywhere or would the keep rather seat us?" he asked, pointing the question to Kimberly since she would likely know. He was fine with either, he simply wasn't sure of the customs here in town. Every place was different and being that this was a largely magical town and not a typical muggle drinking spot, he wanted to be sure he got it right.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 06-30-2022

Kimberly moved to work on entering first since this was where she had been staying since Sir Gryffindor brought her here. It only seems natural that she is the one that leads the group. The witch worked on nodding towards some of the normal as entered looking around at the tables before tilting her head towards one in a corner. “That is normally where I sit when not working and trying to enjoy some food. The keep looks like they are busy with the crowd so you be standing for a while. Plus since that is my normal spot as long as I move over there also they know the reasoning.” She could not just work on sitting down because she had all the supplies that the cooks would soon need. “Go make yourself home while I head over and drop these off to the cooks. I can get us some water while at it.”

Kimberly had not been sure what to say to Cara about her wishing she come earlier. The truth was she was still getting the hang of everything in this place and had been here a while. There were some days she was worried that someone from her past would walk in causing her to have to run away for sure. Kimberly then turned to walk towards the bar to work on giving them all the things that she picked up when shopping for them at the store. The witch just wanted them to know she picked it up so they do not send someone before taking some to the kitchen where it belonged.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 07-01-2022

Cara followed the two inside, shifting her bag to carry in front of her with one hand and the other holding tight to her bow slung over her shoulder. Automatically she turned to head for the counter and who she assumed was the bar and inn keeper currently talking to a small group but before she could head in the direction she heard Kimberly direct them to a table that she commonly sat at and to make themselves comfortable before going off to drop off the packages she had collected from the general store. Cara hadn't even a chance to stop her before she left leaving her standing with Zot somewhat in the center of the room. Knowing they couldn't stand there all night she reluctantly led the way to the table in the corner of the room.

 She hadn't really wanted to sit down at chat more, to be honest Cara had hoped that they had a room available and that after getting something to eat she could tuck herself away in the room for the night. Give herself the chance to take a breath and recollect what was going to happen now in this next chapter of her life and new place she was being shoved off to. As much as she wanted to, she also couldn't just disregard Kimberly and Zot for all the help they had given her and they weren't the worst people she could have reached out to for help. She was still hesitant to let them in too far, not just yet ready for anyone to see the side of her that had been hurt twice now and was still slowly healing. She wasn't about to risk it become injured again because she didn't take the time to learn from the past and her mistakes.

Cara carefully set her bag down beside one of the empty chairs and pulled her bow off her shoulder before taking a seat. She glanced at Zot, waiting for him to sit down with both of their cauldrons filled with their supplies for school. "Thank you for carrying that for me. I appreciate it a bit more then I'm probably making it sound like" she said once he was seated and relaxing a bit more comfortably.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 07-06-2022

Zot happily followed the ladies inside the tavern and nodded when Kimberly instructed them on where to go. He trailed after Cara and waited for her to get herself settled before he carefully sat the cauldrons down and took a seat for himself. He rolled his shoulders but otherwise looked content as he cast his gaze about the place for a moment. It seemed like a rather lively place to be.

When Cara addressed him he offered her a warm and cheerful smile. "Not a problem at all. I realize I may have been quite forward for a stranger, but that's just me I guess. I like aiding people, though Rube says sometimes I go too far and should learn to discriminate between who really needs help and who doesn't care for it," he said with a shrug of his wide shoulders. "I still like to offer because I have seen that those who need the most help often are those who refuse to ask for it."

The lad heaved a great sigh and leaned back in his chair as he looked around again. "I hope they have something hearty. My belly could use a good warm meal after such a trip. Stew maybe?" he pondered out loud before looking over at Cara again. "Do you drink beer as well?"

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 07-13-2022

Kimberly was not really sure if she did the right things by just pointing them to a table. Everyone looked like they were busy working and knew it would not be right to just stop and ask them questions when others that were paying need their help. She smiled at the kitchen staff handing them over the supplies. They had told her that she did not have to bring them there they would have come and got them themself. She smiled and said it was not big deal she was already there. Kimberly told them the food smelled good before heading over to work on getting a few glasses and pouring some of the water into them. If her group wants something else that be fine on the second trip. With glasses in hand, she told the cooks good work before moving toward the table.

“Sorry, it took me a few moments.” She worked on handing them some of the water that she had gotten for each. She knew one of the others that were working would be more willing to talk and answer any questions to someone that was paying money to them. If the two of them just went up to her boss and said hey where is a place to stay they might have just ignored them and kept walking. “When they come to get your orders tell them what the two of you are looking for in a place to stay. They can help tell you all the right places since being here longer them I have. My knowledge of places to stay that have room is limited. After you eat if want I can help carry your stuff before leaving you alone for the night.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 07-13-2022

He is just one big bottle of sunshine isn't he? Cara thought, doing her best to keep her observations inside her head and void of becoming known publicly. While she was a bit overwhelmed by the positive and upbeat mood that seemed to come off him like a strong scent he had been nothing but kind and helpful to her. As much as her gut or whatever was trying to tell her to part ways from him already she did owe him at least her company for a while longer after everything he had done so far. It wouldn't hurt any and once they got their sleeping arraignments figured out she could part ways knowing she hadn't made it up to him for helping her.

That at least she had to remind herself as he spoke and for the most part admitted to what her internal judgment of him had been. The world needed people like him that was for sure to make up for all the terrible ones but Cara not so much. She was tired of trying to give people a chance no matter how good hearted they seemed, it just ended up getting her hurt so it was better to keep people at a distance and focus on what she needed to accomplish before setting out on her own.

When Zot brought up the subject of food she too was looking forward to something a little more hearty to round out a day of traveling. Not to mention it had begun to feel a little colder once the sun had begun to set so a warm heavy meal would be just right to balance it out. She took a moment to inhale through her nose, trying to sort out the smell of food from the blended mix of scents collected from around the room. "Something smells good whatever it is, must be stew though give how many people have bowls in front of them on the tables" Care replied, glancing around at the various tables to sneak a glance at what the other diners were eating. She turned back to Zot as he asked if she drank as well and she felt an internal knot form in her gut. "Yes but not very often, the noble women whom I was staying with for a while would offer some or wine with meals every now and then mostly for holidays or if we had important guests." That sounded believable right? While she had tasted beer and wine Cara never drank more than a sip wanting to be polite but not want to happen what she often observed in others when they enjoyed the intoxicating beverage. She wanted to be focused and in control at all times, unlike the occasional time she had seen the noble woman's guests often become bumbling buffoons with red faces from partaking of more then a reasonable amount of wine. Dancing or singing about as they stumbled to their guest room for the night, unaware or uncaring of anyone else as they carried on until sleep finally took them.

Thankfully Kimberly's return pulled Cara from her thoughts before she sunk too deeply into them. She offered her thanks for the water as the other girl set it down on the table. She took a sip or two from the glass as she listened to the explanation of the how they would go about getting a room for the night. "Thank you Kimberly for your help with everything. I wouldn't have known what to do or where to go without you so I appreciate it very much" Cara said looking at the other girl. Hopefully they weren't keeping Kimberly from her work or taking care of what she needed to do, honestly Cara would have understood if she needed to step away from them to go grab something to eat or return to work, she had helped out quite a bit already it left her wondering if there was a way to return the help back, to Zot as well. It would remove the knot in her chest at least about being indebted to either of them when it came time to part ways from them both for the evening and in the future when school was finished and she planned to eventually cut ties with people all together and be alone for the rest of her life. No way for her to get hurt if no one was allowed nearby right.