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RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 02-18-2022

Kimberly moved to work on trying to think about where Olivander’s was out compared to here. She had only been there once when Gwen took her that day to work on getting her wand. They had done it from the tavern where she was staying also. “I believe that it can be close to here. I only went to the wand shop from the tavern both times went. There is a way that you can do that just not from where.” She was sure that she could get there from anywhere in the town but was not sure how long it would take. “I could work on showing you but if trying to save time then better you go and I can stay here and help the shop owner. I sure she had some things for me to pick up from that tavern anyway.”

Kimberly knew it is better if she stayed here and helped out since they were trying to make sure to get everything at a faster pace. So they could work on going to dinner at the tavern. He was offering to pay so she would not mind taking him up on that since it just mean she could save a little more for things she might want to use later on. “Zot this will be where you get the cloak from.” She started to point to a different area of the shop. “There is a person back there that will get your measurements to make sure they fit you properly. There are some premade somewhere think but can’t stay they will fit correctly.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 02-18-2022

Cara glanced down at her list, curious if it too said she needed to get one. She scanned over the words, trying to make out what some of them said. She saw it eventually on the page, just barely able to make out the word or was assuming it was the word. Had a letter C that she could recognize and it didn't seem like it would be anything else.

"I have that listed too but they can probably only measure one person at a time so I guess if you want to go get fitted first, I can in the meantime go get my wand. I should be back by the time you are done and I can have my turn then. If you don't mind helping the store owner collect everything Kimberly, then we should be done with everything in no time" Cara said to the pair, trying to make some sort of sound plan. She was honestly just winging it, trying to think of a way to minimize the time they were here and of the chances of any of her faults from coming to the surface. She was already worried about what else was on the supposed school list in her hand, unable to read more than one or two things on it and how much extra the Noble woman had added in trying to see to her 'comfort' and 'happiness'. So long as it wasn't something unnecessary or stupid she would just have to put up with it. Her own fault for not trying to learn to read a little more quickly before she was shoved off to her next temporary home. 

She held her list a moment longer, then glanced at Kimberly and the owner who had approached them. She was unsure who to hand it over to first, Kimberly had offered to help the owner collect everything but the owner would probably be able to direct her quicker to where it was then going down both her and Zots lists. Cara handed it to the owner who looked it over followed by a polite request if the items listed outside the cloak and wand could be collected and she would purchase them. Before he could detour away, she quickly asked for directions to the wand shop and the owner responded clear enough on where she needed to go. Thankfully it didn't seem far and hopefully wouldn't take long to get it and then get back.

Cara lowered her hands to hang by her sides, taking a second to glance at Kimberly and Zot. "Guess I will be right back and go see about a wand. At least its just a few doors down from the sound of it so I shouldn't be gone for long." She said, shifting back as she prepared to turn and take her leave for a little bit.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 02-19-2022

"Oh alright," he said with a good-natured smile to Kimberly. Once the shopkeep joined their merry little band, he too handed over his list to the man. "Good luck," he said to Cara before she scooted out of the shop. He looked over at Kimberly again. "I should probably get fitted then. Be back in but a moment."

Zot wandered over to the tailor and stood upon a rickety stool as the person measured him. The tailor seemed a bit flummoxed over the fact he was so tall because they didn't have enough fabric to cover all of him and still have enough left for others of a more natural height it would seem. As such his robes would likely be about half a foot too short but he agreed anyway, assuring the woman that that was fine by him.

Once he was done, he hopped down and wandered back over to the shopkeep and Kimberly who was being so kind to help gather their things. He pulled out a coin purse from inside his vest and paid the man for his wares as he packaged them up and set them inside of a brand new cauldron. "Thank you so much. Both of you," he said quite genuinely.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 02-19-2022

Kimberly nods towards Cara when she said that she was going to work ongoing to get her wand from a few doors down. It was really strange for the woman to be spending time with people outside of work so she did not mind if the other wanted to leave for a short time. Plus this was actually where she felt that she would be better because of her time with Lady Moore. The witch could read most of what was on the list of what they needed. Plus she already worked on getting hers before so had already gotten everything at least once before so that helped her out greatly. “You just tell me what you want me to get and I help you gather it.” She told the owner of the shop so could help out while Zot was working on getting himself measured for the cloak he was going to wear.

Kimberly kept herself active walking around the shop while he got measured not wanting to stand in one place since that was awkward. “Also we are working on heading towards the tavern for dinner after this. So if there is anything that you need me to work on delivering them I can take it. It makes everyone's job easier since they did not have to make a special trip. Plus you would not have to make a trip if was going to deliver it.” Kimberly smiled towards the shop owner who has come here many times. She was familiar with them and loved to help them out it could. She was loving that could be helpful even if it was for small gold and things.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 02-20-2022

Cara wasn't expecting her idea to get accepted rather calmly and without resistance. She had assumed Zot would have been more insistent on accompanying her, trying to be the proper gentlemen and all but maybe he understood her points of it saving them some time to split up. Kimberly seemed ok with it too, offering to help the owner collect everything from the two lists would help cut down on time. She felt bad for bothering the other girl with all this stuff, leading them to the shop and helping them collect what they needed, she had taken a break from her work at the blacksmith to lend them a hand after all. Cara wondered if their was something she could to make it up to her, it was the right thing to do after all and if they were going to be spending the days to follow together up at the castle it was better to start things off on the right foot even if her own intentions were to learn not make connections.

She took her leave of the shop, following the directions to a smaller building not far from the general store. It was an odd experience for Cara, the owner took her by surprise as he seemed to ask her a few questions before hustling off to look through a wall of bookshelves though instead of books it was stuffed full of small boxes. He pulled out a few and approached her. One by one he handed her what seemed to be a glorified stick with a handle, a little confusing if you didn't know what they were but thankfully thanks to the noble woman Cara was well aware she was being handed a wand though why he was handing her different ones, one by one was something she didn't understand. Not until he handed her one in particular made from pine and the core of a phoenix feather did she feel it. Like a rush of air swirling around her hand and arm as it did when she used her magic with her bow. It brought a warmth and comfort, giving her almost a familiar sense of security similar to an embrace she remembered as a child. She quickly brushed the memory from her mind not wanting to think of the past that only dug deeper into her cracked heart.

Cara paid for her wand and calmly left the store, paying attention to retracing her steps so she wouldn't get lost on her way back to the general store. Upon arriving she noticed Zot and Kimberly over by the owner with a collection of things on the counter, Zot seemed to be paying for his items before packing them away. Not wanting to make either of them wait long she hurried back to where she could get measured for a cloak and offered if it would help with a busy workload to take a premade cloak if it was easier than having to make it completely. After a short chat and some measurement she was handed a small written ticket and told to come back tomorrow to pick up the cloak. Cara was stunned by the timing but didn't question it. It was highly likely there were people here that could use magic and no doubt did to help when it came to daily tasks or in this case making cloaks for a sudden increase of people needing them. 

She made her way to the other two, waiting until the owner finished with Zot before taking her turn to paying for the items that had been collected for her. "My apologies for the delay, I hope I didn't make either of you wait too long. I didn't think the shop owner was going to hand me almost every one until we found the right one. Thank you for gathering all this for me, I greatly appreciate it." Cara said as she paused beside Kimberly. She payed for her things, took back the list when it was held out to her and began to pack up her things into the cauldron just as Zot did.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 03-07-2022

"Not too long at all," Zot assured Cara as she rejoined their merry little band. He was completely oblivious to her slightly standoffish nature. He was just that friendly of a person naturally it would seem. He looked between the two girls and smiled. How lucky he was to have found not one but two fellow students on his first hour in town.

"Once we're done here should we retire for a meal or secure lodgings for the night?" he asked, looking toward Kimberly who seemed to know more than he did. She had been here the longest so she would know better than he would. He looked over at Cara as she packed her items into her new cauldron.

"Did you want some assistance with your things?" he asked politely, just wanting to be a gentleman. He wouldn't blame her if she ended up turning him down but he was making an effort here.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 03-23-2022

Kimberly had worked on spending the whole time helping the owners of the place to work on getting all of the things that the both of them were going to need for school. The young woman wanted to help make sure that her friends got everything they needed. The items she needed were already up in her room having down this with Lady Gwen all the time before this happen. She smiled towards Cara when she returned. “It does take a while to make sure that you get the perfect one. The owner does not want you to have the one wrong that will later cause issues. You are going to keep this for a while so help you out.”

The witch then turned towards Zot thinking about what he was saying not sure which would be best for them to do. “I mean I live at the tavern but there are not many places in the town that would know for lodging. Maybe we could go there and see if they have a place for you to stay for a few nights. If there is no room, they would know the right place for people to go. It would also work on getting us some more food while there also.” Kimberly knew this would work on work on giving them both food and maybe a house. “It could be possible to give us both we are not sure though. The only way to find would be to go there and find out."

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 03-29-2022

Cara took their smiles as a good sign they hadn't waiting long for her nor that they annoyed at her for needing to make the other stop for a wand. With everything ready to go she went to grab her cauldron when she realized it would be a little tricky to carry it and her bag and bow without risking knocking into anyone. 

It was about the same time she was trying to figure it out she heard Zot offer to help her with her stuff. Normally she would firmly but politely decline, not one to rely on anyone but herself. Yet given the puzzle before her she knew it was better to give in for now and not cause a fuss then try to do it on her own and potentially make trouble for herself.

"If it won't be too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate it. With my bag and my bow it would make carrying a cauldron of things just a bit awkward for my hands to manage" she replied and looked at him. 

When Kimberly brought up the lodging situation at the tavern, Cara nodded her head in agreement to her words. "I imagine they should have lodging of some kind there and with the school hopefully they were given notice of a potential increase of people needing food and lodging. But your right and I'm sure we will find out once we get there what the situation is. Though, do you need to return to the blacksmiths sometime soon to check in? I wouldn't want you to get into trouble for helping us so much with getting around town if they need you to be back at a certain time" she said then looked at Kimberly. She hoped the other girl wouldn't be in too much trouble from being away for so long. As thankful as she was for all the help Kimberly had done, getting her into trouble was something she wanted to prevent from having her receive after being helpful.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 03-31-2022

"No trouble at all," he insisted as he took the offered cauldron into his other large hand. He could easily shoulder the weight because it wasn't much weight at all for him. The cauldron's seemed to be well made as well which made him happy. He didn't want to waste money on subpar goods. This was for his future after all.

Zot nodded in agreement with Cara as she inquired about whether Kimberly had to return to the smithies or not. "Yes, I don't want to get you into trouble, especially when you've been so helpful," he said, echoing Cara's sentiments.

"Though if you do not have to go, I look forward to more help at the inn and tavern," he said, letting her know she was fully welcome still to join them. If only Rube and Regis could see him now, in the company of two fine young ladies and still being ever the gentleman.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 04-09-2022

Kimberly looked toward the both of them shocked that people would be so willing to want to help her from getting in trouble. She did not want them to worry about her since the job at the blacksmith was only part-time to help him save up some money for supplies and other things she might need later on. Plus she has to work on slowly paying back Sir Gryfindor at some point. “It is no problem at all. I only work for them part-time and most of the time it cleaning and showing the customers small things. I took my break and told them was going to work on showing you around.”

She also made note that she would go back a little after the store had closed to work on cleaning up the dirt and muck they had made during the day. No one would come by so it would make things easier anyways. “So I told them I will be by in about dusk to finish up the last of my work. It will be easier than also to clean because they are not making a bigger mess of things also. So I can show you to the tavern at least. I can always go back also while you are talking to the tavern keep about where maybe could find lodging.”