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RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 01-05-2022

The journey had been a long one, several days of Cara tucked inside the Lady Máel Sechnaill coach and on her way to the next place she was being sent off to. The next place that was to tolerate her until they too couldn't stand her and sent her away to who knew where. During the trip she sat mostly looking out the window, trying hard not to get wrapped up in the thoughts circling her mind and the potential harm they were already causing on the wound to her heart. She was done with family and people looking out for her well being, she was alone and that was how it should be if she wanted to reach her own goals without getting any further help or delayed.

In her hands was several folded scrolls, rather than rolling them back up she hand folded and crumpled them up after attempting to reading them which by the time they had drawn close to the trading post and their destination had been a countless number of attempts. The noble woman had sent her with instructions and a small pouch of coins on a few things for Cara to get before school. Though she supposed there was to be someone to meet her in the trading post to lend her a hand with the list. Her friend who had suggested the idea had tried to make sure Cara was somewhat prepared with the basics such as an all important wand so maybe it would be her. Until her departure she had been borrowing one from Lady Máel Sechnaill but the idea of having her own was a big interest because it would be her own and no one would be able to take it from her. Providing she used her own money rather then the coins provided by the noble woman. 

When the carriage came to a stop, Cara calmly stepped out and slung her bag as well as her bow of her shoulder. Her eyes took a moment to glance around the trading post but eventually were drawn up to look at the castle sitting up in the nearby mountain. From what she could see of it, it was nothing like she had ever seen before and it truly was a marvel to think that would be her home for however long she could stay before they grew tired of her.

Collecting herself, she turned to the driver and handed him the pouch of coins from the noble woman. She told him to either keep it for himself share it with his team or return it, she didn't care and would leave it up to him what he told his master upon his return. Cara stepped away after that her eyes drawn down to the open scrolls in her hand. She needed a wand and a few essentials which she could apparently find here. Her eyes raised and she glanced around wondering where to begin in her search when she caught the sound of a few words caught her attention. She turned and noticed two people talking just inside the blacksmith. Her heart immediately took note of the familiar looking environment and as she calmly approached the two the smells and heat of the space only brought up the past even more. Yet she was determined not to let it grab her, not again. He had abandoned her just as her birthmother hand and even Lady Máel Sechnaill. She was alone and it would do her good to remember that.

Cara approached the two calmly, they seemed to be about her age and discussing something about a school and others. It seemed to be her best chance at figuring out where she needed to go, they wouldn't try to give her the deep third degree that an adult would seeing her here alone.

 "Excuse me, would either of you be able to direct me to where the general store is?" Cara asked in a calm and formal tone. Hopefully they could give her a quick answer and she could be on her way to getting whatever was on the list in her hand before the end of the day.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 01-05-2022

"Oh, that's perfectly fine. I do not want to get you into trouble," he insisted, offering Kimberly a friendly smile. He was a big lad, standing at six foot three inches, thus he towered over many of the people around them. However, his kind personality marked him as a bit of a teddy bear.

When another girl joined them asking for directions he looked down at her and offered her a regretful smile. "I apologize but I've only been here a short time. Perhaps Kimberly here can point you in the direction," he said as he introduced his new acquaintance. "I'm Zot. Well, Zoticus Greyweather, but you can call me Zot. Are you here for the school too?"

To meet another potential student excited the young man who was eager to see what the fuss was about. He was itching to do something, to get working. He couldn't very well jump into the forges of a stranger thus he had to be patient which was not his strong suit. Talking to the others helped him a bit because it made him feel like his time wasn't wasted. Plus he felt like he was a decent judge of character and he felt no ill will from either girl, though the dark-haired one seemed a little tense.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 01-06-2022

Kimberly turned to look at the newest member that joined their group. She was at least able to have some manners since had said excused me when instead of if just asking where the store is when easy to see they were in a conversation. “You are okay Zot. I mean even if was to get into trouble you could if things were going right bepotentialnal new customer. I just tell them I was looking to maysellale you some utensils.”

Kimberly did not want him thinking that he was going to get her in trouble. All she did was clean and if had to would come back later after most of the people had left and worked on doing that. It is easier also since the dirt and things were going to build back up with them working anyways. She was worried once made it to the school all the money she had been making was going to dry up. Plus she prayed when school was over these people would take her back. If was close enough to the school that she felt comfortable.

Kimberly turned to leave the two of them knowing that it could be considered rude. The problem was Zot was asking her if she could help show the brown hair girl the way. The witch thought if was stuck here could not do that since directions were not her best skill. After having got approval to take a small break the witch walked back over to the group. “Sorry, I was asking if it was okay if I could work on taking a break to help you with your issue. This place is big and still getting used to the directions myself. If like I could work on leading you to where the store is.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 01-06-2022

When the boy spoke up first, Cara resisted reacting to the slightly odd combination of his build versus his expression. He was taller then either her or the other girl giving off a sense of male intimidation but his kind and warm eyes countered that to make him seem at least for now a little overly friendly and welcoming in an innocent way. It was faint but it reminded Cara of a similar look that she had been given to aid in lowering her guard before it changed and cut into her deeply to reopen the wound in her heart. She was here to learn, to study, to grow, and become strong enough to survive on her own. Not give history another chance at repeating herself when she foolishly lowered her guard away.

She kept the movement as subtle as possible as she gripped the strap of her bag with her hand for a moment, letting the words repeat in her mind once more as she assembled her next words. He had been polite and given her an honest answer, not to mention she had interrupted the pairs conversation so she did owe each some answers to questions they asked. Permitting they didn't go in a particular direction or to deeply personal. 

Cara gave a small nod of her head to the question about the school, holding back on gripping her bag strap again and instead tightened her grip on the opened scrolls in her other hand. The next part was always a toss up as far as reactions go, a girl with a boy's name made people wonder if she was under cover and hiding for some reason or if her parents had been messed up in the head to give her such a name. SO far people had found it more odd or concerning then accepting but supposedly there would be other cultures here and with it maybe more of an acceptance of the odd choice of name. While true she was wearing a dress sometimes even with that they questioned her gender and given her first name she understood the hesitance despite the obvious evidence. "Caratacos Toirdelback." she said in the same tone a moment later, glancing away to look further into the blacksmith and avoid seeing either of their first reactions. "I go by Cara for short if you'd prefer that to the full name. It can be a little tricky to pronounce."  

She was expecting Kimberly, the other girl's name according to Zot to point her in the direction she needed to go but instead she stepped away and returned to say the trading post was rather large and even though she was still learning where everything was, she could lead the way. Cara turned to look at her and offered a gentle apologetic expression. "My apologies, I didn't intend for you to have to stop what your doing and interrupt your conversation to assist me. There is still enough daylight that if you would like to give me a few landmarks I'm sure I could find it so you don't have to leave or get into trouble." she answered glancing between them. Really, she would be ok on her own and they could go back to their conversation she hadn't meant to interrupt. The trading post surely wasn't so big she would lose her way right?

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 01-06-2022

"Alright, Cara then," he said with a friendly smile and turned to watch Kimberly suddenly leave them only to return a moment later saying she would lead the way. He hadn't intended to put her on the spot but it made the most sense that she would have a better idea than he would. The Trading Post was rather large and the only solid building was the wand shop. Everything else was stalls and shacks.

"I'll come along too. I should probably learn my way around as well," he said, inviting himself along for the short journey. He would keep his steps at about half of what his long legs could normally do so he didn't outpace the girls.

"Kimberly is also going to the school," he shared. "Are you excited or scared Cara? I'm a little of both, to be honest. I'm a little nervous that there won't be enough stuff to do outside of studying. I don't think I can bear that thought truthfully. I like to work with my hands, which is probably why Rube and Regis, those are the smithies back home at my father's castle, took me under their wing. Taught me just about everything I know, which is to say not a whole lot about magic. That's why I'm here on account of my father wanting me to become a proper wizard."

Wow, he hadn't meant to share quite that much about himself but he was trying to be friendly with the two girls and make some friends before disappearing into the mysterious castle. He had a feeling that having friends was going to be the easiest way to get through it all.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 01-13-2022

She looked at Cara and nods as moved to work on putting her rags down from where he was cleaning. “You are okay I am not going to get into trouble since they told me it was okay to take a boss and show you around a little.” She moved to work on pointing some ways. “If want could try and tell you but not sure about landmarks. For example, if start from here the general store is 4 building down. Then turn to the left go down 3 more buildings and it right there.” Kimberly was not sure about most of the other places without actually walking to them. “The general store area, tavern, and then here are the only places I've been. Those if need to go somewhere else might be able to talk to some the locals I know into doing it.”

Kimberly then started to walk towards the store listening to Zot talk about his feeling about going to school. They already had these conversations before Cara joined. The witch did not mind hearing it again but did not feel the need to try and explain what she thought might happen all over again. Plus she was excited to get to the school because that meant she could see her horse again that missed with everything. No one wanted her to come to the school she was going to make sure she was stronger and not destroy people’s things again. “I will work on showing  you the way of what I know sorry if not a lot.”

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 01-13-2022

Cara could tell right away Zot was a bit of a talker, excited for sure about what they had all been gathered here for and it showed in his energy. Despite his size and physical appearance, he was like a young child just overly happy to share what was on his mind. Had she been more open to such an exchange as friendship, Cara might have lowered some of her guard and reacted to his behavior. It seemed like the three of them could be something close to friends, given it seemed like they were all familiar with a blacksmith environment. The way Kimberly moved around the current place it was easy to observe her comfort and Zot had outright said he had learned the trade from his father's staff in a happy tone of voice. If only she could feel so happy about the subject but it wasn't the case nor the man who had abandoned her as if she were a scrap of metal.

Before she could speak one of the coach hands approached and set down her bag beside her, offering a farewell before walking away. Cara had nearly forgotten it, distracted by the new environment around her. She picked it up as Kimberly began to explain the directions to the general store and Cara felt them zoom through her head before she could make sense of them. Hearing Kimberly explain she hadn't fully explored the trading post herself had Cara feel a bit more guilty for pulling her away from her work. 

"If your sure it won't be any trouble or hassle, I would appreciate the guide. It would probably be better that way then get lost trying to find it on my own. Being in an unfamiliar place and far from my previous place it can feel a little overwhelming" She said calmly while she looked at Kimberly then to Zot. She imagined he would be coming along as well, he had said so but she wondered if he would take note of not answering his question. Hoping the coach hand had provided a distraction from it enough to let it go, she wasn't sure just how to answer it anyway so her fingers were crossed it would go forgotten.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Zoticus Greyweather - 01-13-2022

Zot made note of the directions Kimberly was giving, directing his gaze down the row of shacks and stalls toward where she indicated that the general store was. He had his own bag to carry and hoped that the tavern would have enough room for him. If not he supposed he could sleep outside beneath the stars that he knew so little about.

He did indeed take notice that Cara didn't answer his question which left him to assume it was likely a little of both excitement and fear. He could respect that after all this was likely a big change for everyone. He looked around as Kimberly led them onward.

"Have you ever seen a castle so big?" he asked curiously to the newcomer as he motioned toward Hogwarts. "My father's castle is so small I don't even think it could be called a castle in comparison. I imagine we'll all get lost for at least a little while roaming the hallways."

Zot seemed almost cheerful about this though, as though he was looking forward to exploring. In fact, he was a little bit. Who wouldn't be? The place looked huge and who knew just how big it was inside? He had no idea about the other tricks the founders had up their sleeves for the students contained in the castle either. That would probably shock him even more.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Kimberly - 01-13-2022

“They are not going to mind at all Cara. They told me just to take a break and I will come back later and work on finishing up the last of the cleaning.” She moved to walk around the booth and slowly headed towards where said the general store was. She did not know where many places were for the simple fact that had not had to go to any of them. She goes to the general store once in a while to help pick up the food the bartender had ordered. Then would head few other places if making deliveries for the smithy. Any free time she had was not spent exploring but working. “This is a place that easy to get lost in for sure. Did it a few times when finally here but the people were nice. I ask most of the time one of them will make sure to lead you the right way.

Kimberly could see herself getting along with them once they were at school. Maybe even getting together to study once in while during school could be fun. There was nowhere in there that said she had to tell them about her past to hang with them. “I'm sure lots of people are going to get lost in the school. That is what is going make it fun and interesting.” She was trying to open up and be friendly but was hard when not sure what to talk to them about.

RE: Before the Next Adventure (OPEN) - Cara Toirdelbach - 01-14-2022

Cara picked up her bag by the handle and held it securely in her hand as they three of them began to walk away from the blacksmith. They seemed to be heading in the direction Kimberly had tried to explain so it was a bit of a relief to know they hadn't tried to mess with her. Not that she suspected they would but her trust in general with people wasn't on the positive side so it was better to suspect and doubt before letting that particular guard fall when the evidence proved she didn't need to be so towards a particular person or two. Such was the case so far with Kimberly and Zot. Cara did have her guard up around the pair but seeing them and getting a sense they generally trying to be helpful and nice she didn't need to suspect them of any form of foul play. At the moment at least. People sometimes changed and she knew this lesson well more than once by now.

She looked up at the castle as Zot brought up the subject, studying it as the other two wondered if they would get lost in something so big. "The size does seem a bit much even from this distance away. It just gives me the impression they are expecting a great number of students or they are compensating for something else." Cara replied. Seriously though, why have something that grand and over sized if you weren't trying to hide something? Either a physical disfigurement or an odd collection on display inside the castle. Something to let simmer in her mind as she contemplated the idea of getting lost in the oversized castle and if she was as thrilled about getting to wander around a bit in a lost. Maybe a little but did she openly admit that out loud or keep it to herself? No, better to keep that locked up to herself for now. Once it was out in the open the fun of it would get ruined one way or another just like things often did around her with the exception of her archery.

"A new place tends to make it almost necessary to get lost at least once and a place like that makes it seem like a requirement. Quite possibly one of our lessons even as they teach us a numerous amount of things in relation to why they brought us all here in the first place." Cara continued, lowering her eyes down from looking at the castle to the area in front of them as they walked. They couldn't tell her own desire to have the chance to get lost did they? She had to try and sound neither excited or annoyed at the idea, hopefully the place in the middle she had decided to put her tone of voice made her sound undecided on the matter.

She took a small glance down at her bag and her bow she managed to bring along and wondered if their would be a place up in that giant mass of a castle where she could continue with her archery or if at some point she would have to create her own hideaway again to secretly resume her training. Currently her bow was carefully looped securely around her bag and she wondered if she should put it over her shoulder instead if only to help ease some of the growing nerves in her chest but she resisted it for now. It would lead to potentially knocking into someone or something with the angle it would be at and she didn't want to cause trouble within her first few hours in this new place that was to be her temporary home. Letting it remain where it was for now was the best place for it, no matter how much she would have liked its comforting touch in her hands right about now.