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Gwen Moore

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Registered: Dec 2021

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Name: Guenevere "Gwen" Moore nee Gryffindor
Age/Sex: 21/Female
Birthday: 7 July 
Blood Status: Half-Blood (shh, it’s a secret)
Wand: 8 1/4" Ivy w/ unicorn hair
Teaches: Reading & Writing
Family Members: 
Husband: Sir Shelton Moore (Deceased
Daughter: Loraine “Lora” Moore
Wizard Father: Cenric Gryffindor (deceased)
Witch Mother: Aelis Gryffindor,
Wizard Brothers: Gifford Gryffindor, Duke of Wessex
            Godric Gryffindor, Knight
Witch Sister-in-Law: Rhian (Hufflepuff) Gryffindor, Duchess of Wessex
Nephews: Carrick Gryffindor (13)
        Lancer Gryffindor (11)
                 Avery Gryffindor (9)

Personality: There are two words that really sum up Guenevere Weasley the best: Kind and Naive. To many that don't know her, they insist she is a spoiled brat. And maybe she is to a small degree. If she is, Gwen would not exactly realize it. Her whole life, her brothers and father have doted on her endlessly so she has come to see getting everything she wants as part of her life.

The young maid is one of the most kind-hearted girls that you will ever meet. She donates to the poor as much as her brother allows. When she has a few days free, she will go to the orphanages and whore houses trying to teach the less privileged skills so that they can leave the horror their lives have led them to. Many people object to these actions but Gwen will not desist, no matter how they yell and demand she do so.

To be honest, their insistence puzzles the young woman. While she has faced the death of a husband and been told the many horror stories her brother has brought back from his travels,  about the 'real world' outside the manor in which she lives, Guenevere doesn't believe that anyone would hurt her while she is trying to help people. Rapists and slavers and Vikings would dare not hurt her and that's all there is to it. It is simply the cost of being a man. Nothing like that would ever happen to her. It's a wonder what it will really take to open the girl's eyes to the real world.

Though Gwen loves magic and all it can do, her ability with it is pretty limited. As much as her family has tried, her skills just aren't enough to compare with the others in the Gryffindor family. At this point, she has the ability to perform simple spells, as well as basic defensive spells in case someone sees her using magic and she needs to get away. And of course, the ability to create the potions she needs for many uses - though she hardly sees a person's ability to mix the right ingredients for certain effects is a result of their magical ability.

History: Guenevere is the youngest child of Cenric and Aelis Gryffindor, the former Duke and Duchess of Wessex. The couple tried for so long after the birth of their sons to produce another child that when Gwen was finally born, the only girl, she was rather spoiled by her family who were so captivated by the tiny, red-haired child who was always smiling or laughing. Always determined to see other people laughing, she was a delight to spend time with and was her brother Godric’s favorite sibling. He even taught her to use a bow as well as a dagger, wanting her protected in case there was no one else there to take up for her cause. 

Her father died of an unidentifiable illness when she was still rather young, leaving her as a ward of her eldest brother who was not quite as indulgent as Cenric had been. When she reached the age of fifteen, though her father had once promised she could choose her own husband, Gifford was not so accommodating of her preferences. He chose Sir Shelton Moore, a vassal of the Wessex dukedom. At least his small home was close enough that she could visit the manor when she desired and Gifford could keep an eye on the man and watch for ill-treatment of his sister. 

The couple were married just after Gwen turned sixteen, to her disappointment. Shelton was not a hard man, just an absent one. He traveled often with a band of knights including her own brother Godric and was rarely home. The fact that they managed to conceive a single child in the four years that they were married was a miracle. Unfortunately, seven months into the pregnancy, the band of brothers were attacked by a band of roving werewolves. While a few, including Godric, walked away mostly unscathed, Moore did not. Gwen wasn’t exactly heartbroken for her own loss but for that of her child who would never know their father.

Returning home to the manor which she’d grown up in and once again under her brother’s thumb, she does what she can to assist the poor, though never at the expense of her daughter’s needs. When Godric came to their family a few months ago, announcing that he would be heading north to start a school for young wizards and witches, Gwen saw the ultimate opportunity: getting out from under Gifford’s calculating glare and taking the chance to help those who needed it most. She will be teaching the students how to read and write, as that is seen as something of vital importance to better their lives. 

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