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Rowena Ravenclaw

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Registered: Dec 2021

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Name: Rowena Ravenclaw
Age/Sex: 26/F
Birthday: 15 October
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: 12 ½ inches, Beechwood, Augurey feather
Teaches: Divination/Charms (Enchantments)
Family Members: 
Wizard Father: Mael mac Dumnaill (deceased)
Witch Mother: Aileas mac Dumnaill (42)
Wizard Husband - Luan Ravenclaw (missing/deceased)
Witch Daughter - Helena Ravenclaw (10)

Personality: Aware since a young age that she was brilliant, magically talented, and beautiful, Rowena is quite vain. Only her thirst for knowledge and the protection of wizarding kind outweigh this trait within her, though that thirst to know all can often circle back to her vanity as is the case with her most prized possession, her self-designed Diadem. After the disappearance of her husband, she has been known to spurn the advances of many a suitor, not because she was technically still married but because she viewed them as unworthy of her either in looks or wits.

While she prizes wit and knowledge above all things as far as her choice of students goes, she has proven to be a steadfast friend to Helga Hufflepuff over the years and has grown quite close to both Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor since they met a decade ago. She is devoted to their cause of protecting wizarding kind through education.

History: Being born into the warring house of MacAplin was not the easiest way to be raised, but Rowena made the best of it. The status of being related to the Scottish King was well worth the stress after all. Early on in her life, she proved to be gifted both of mind and of magic, producing her first magical act by the age of two much to the delight of her parents. Always inquisitive of the world around her, she absorbed knowledge like it was nourishment for her body and grew into an intelligent and beautiful young woman.

It was early in life that she met the woman who would become her best friend and most loyal ally, Helga Hufflepuff. They met at a mutual cousin’s wedding celebration. Rowena was bored to tears as there wasn’t a lot for a brilliant young maiden to do other than dance and feast. It wasn’t until she spied the other girl trying to cast a spell on the suckling pig that she grew curious. After some intense discussion on spell casting and food, the pair became fast friends. Though there was always a little part of Rowena that was jealous of the ease with which Helga used charms, especially those of the food and household variety, it was as if it came as second nature to her. When unable to spend time together, she was diligent in sending messages via owl to continue their scholarly interests in magic.

At the age of 11, she caught tales of a young man who had fashioned himself a wand without the assistance of a proper wandmaker. Being the vain little thing that she was, Rowena sought permission from her parents to seek out this talented young man and insist that he teach her how to do the same. She didn’t have to use as much of her wits and charm as she had thought to convince him, only to be tricked by his innocent cunning.

Given a potion and a promise that this was how she would find her way, she was transported out into the middle of the wilderness of who knew where. After a time, she took the potion and discovered that it opened her mind up to some of the natural wonders around her. She discovered a beech tree covered in tiny creatures she would come to learn were bowtruckles. After securing a thin, gnarled branch she heard a cry overhead. Sitting in the tree was a beautiful if little morose bird that looked like a gray phoenix. An Augurey! It plucked free one of its tail feathers and she caught it in her hand. Somehow in her magical stupor, she managed to pair the wood and feather together fashioning a wand. 

While it was common for those who heard the Augurey scream to think death was coming, Rowena knew better. All it did was call for rain, thus she needed to get her butt out of the trouble she was in. Though it was more than dangerous, she managed to apparate back to Salazar discovering afterward that she had been gone for over a week. She was now sporting a scar behind her ear from where she had splinched herself (which she covers up as much as possible). Though she was loathe to forgive him of tricking her, she did count him as a friend after that and secretly gave him some of the credit for a few of her finest ideas, including one she would achieve a few years later that had come to her as a silly little thought while in the forest.

At the age of 13, she managed to produce one of her finest achievements, especially for one so young. Her cleverness knew no bounds it would seem as she created a beautiful diadem that made the wearer wiser and more knowledgeable. It was rare to see her without it from that moment on until adulthood.

At the age of 16, she was wed to a surprisingly attractive, if slightly mentally dull, man named Luan Ravenclaw. His family was originally from Albania but had settled in Scotland a generation before. At her wedding, while checking on certain foodstuffs that Helga had arranged for the occasion, she was introduced to her old friend Salazar Slytherin and an older, rather dashing knight, Sir Godric Gryffindor. Much to the new groom’s chagrin, the four sat about discussing the state of magical life for the duration of the bridal celebration. It was then and there that a bond was forged between the four that would lead to the founding of the school.

Shortly after the wedding, Rowena became with child and gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Helena. Not long after she had an astounding dream of a castle in the glen. Quite amusingly nearby sat a hog covered in warts and the name Hogwarts was born. Delighted by this divination, she sent words to her three comrades that they should open a school for magical folk to teach them the basics of what it was to be a witch or wizard, if only for their basic survival amongst the dangerously ignorant muggles. Once the others were in agreement, she began drawing up plans for a grand castle to be built in Scotland. Untraceable with changing hallways and staircases, it was a marvel of magical architecture. 

It would be a few years into the project that Luan mysteriously disappeared without a trace. After a few years of searching, she assumed him dead due to the bloody feud between the two sides of her paternal family though there is a rumor that a certain dashing knight might have had a hand in the disappearance.

After a decade of writing missives back and forth between the four of them, the castle was standing tall and proud, the four friends combined their knowledge of charms and enchanted everything, including Sir Godric’s floppy traveling hat. They agreed that the students should be separated into one of four houses which were to be headed by each of them. Given her nature, Rowena prized intelligence the most and thus wanted students that had an equal thirst for knowledge. She charmed the hat with this information but unwittingly imparted a small touch of her own vanity into the magic. Though not all of her students were vain, it was still a common underlying trait among many of them.

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