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Zoticus Greyweather

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Registered: Dec 2021

All Accounts Posts: 164
Name: Zoticus Greyweather
Age/Sex: 16/M
Birthday: July 13
Blood Status: Halfblood
Wand: Alder, 12 inches, unicorn hair, unyielding
House: Hufflepuff
Family Members: 
Lord Humphrey Drake (wizard grandfather)
Lady Ermina Drake (witch grandmother)
Sir Emery Drake (Wizard father)
Serena (muggle mother/deceased)
Lady Cassandra Drake (witch step-mother)
Lady Madeline Drake (witch half-sister)
Lady Prudence Drake (witch half-sister)

Personality: Zoticus loves nature and being around animals, primarily horses of any kind and pigs. He’s not afraid of hard work, in fact, he relishes it. Though he is shy at first, he has a soft sense of humor about him that often sets people at ease around him. He had to have a sense of humor to work with the smithies after all. Though he loves his family, he doesn’t fully understand his father’s need to have a male heir when he has two perfectly fine daughters to carry on family traditions. Zoticus feels like his name is just fine, though he would much prefer you call him Zot because Zoticus is so very formal sounding to him.

History: It’s not often that a story of neglect is a happy tale, but in the case of Zoticus’s childhood it’s true. He was born on an unusually grey day and his mother died in childbirth. He was claimed as a bastard by his father, Sir Emery Drake. Though he lived on his family’s holdings, he was much left to his own devices as his father primarily left his care to his wife. Sir Emery had claimed the boy in case his wife did not produce him with an heir so that the Drake name could live on. Zoticus didn’t care much about titles, instead loving the freedom he had to explore. He often found himself sneaking out of his reading and writing lessons to play in the stables and pens, brushing and talking to the horses, and chasing the hogs.

Once he was older he found himself taken in by the family’s blacksmith, Rube, and his brother, Regis, the armorsmith. Once Zoticus could swing a hammer, he fell in love with beating molten metal into shape. He proved to be a great help to Rube, the one-eyed blacksmith, who was getting a bit weary due to an old tavern fight injury. The pair managed to teach the boy more about sums and letters than his formal classes ever did as they recognized the boy needed to be busy with his hands. The more he practiced the better he got until he was making smaller, finer things.

Though his stepmother despised his existence, his two little sisters enjoyed being doted on by him and receiving his little gifts, such as metal hair combs and basic broaches. His dedication to the craft benefited him physically as instead of being a lanky sixteen-year-old lad, he was tall and thick with muscle from all the time spent at the forge. Unfortunately for Zoticus, his father began to spend more attention on him at this point as it became clear his wife would bear him no male heirs.

Upon hearing that a brother in arms was opening a school for wizarding kind, Sir Emery told Zoticus that he was shipping him off to Scotland to learn to become a proper wizard. He gave him enough money to purchase a wand and supplies and sent him on his way with the firm instruction to make him proud enough to claim him as his true and rightful son. Zoticus went, but he wasn’t so sure about taking over the family name.

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