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The Dare of Dawn (Helga)

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As they entered the Great Hall, Maximus's gaze unsurprisingly went up to the ceiling but his reaction was not what one would have suspected. He simply walked in, studying the edges of the sky with his fingertips raised to his scruffy chin. He of course recognized his brother's handiwork, and while it was impressive at the sheer size he had managed to be able to produce the everchanging image, it still lacked a few things.

"I be surprised 'e managed te get it se large," he commented after a few moments of study. "Though, 'e should o' considered lettin' it represent a truer image o' the time. Lighter durin' the day an' maybe a few clouds te give it real significance. 'owever, tis much improved since we last worked on it."

It wasn't a well-known fact that Maximus had actually helped Merrick develop the enchantment, so he knew what it had likely taken to get it this far. It wasn't the easiest of charms and was more of a combination of several to produce a sky that was accurate and shifting with the heavenly bodies as they were. He just felt that there was so much potential to make it better, especially in an open space such as this.

Turning his attention back to Lady Hufflepuff, Maximus offered her a tired half-smile. "I would like te thank ye, Lady 'ufflepuff, fer allowin' me te eat at yer table. It 'as been a terribly long journey," he explained. "One I was nay eager te delay. Most o' the time I rode straight through towns instead o' stoppin' te sup properly. Foolish per'aps, but tis what a man does when determined I seppose."

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Helga tilted her head slightly, a bit confused as what she had hoped would have been a surprised and amazed reaction from Maximus over his brothers work was in fact one of calm and analyzing, critiquing it even as if it wasn't the first one he had seen from his brother. Similar to one she remembered would form on Rowena when she was studying and appraising something, a few times she had viewed it during the construction of the school in fact. 

She could remember Merrik mentioning he had done the enchantment before but she couldn't remember where he had said it was. Was it possible then it was somewhere his brother had seen it therefor he wasn't so stunned by the one in the grand hall? It seemed that way given his reaction at least. Helga silently exhaled a sigh, drawing her gaze away from the elder Raine brother to look around the rest of the great hall. Well, maybe at least she could impress his stomach since his eyes hadn't been satisfied enough with the view. Wouldn't hurt and at least he could see if the food would also earn a stamp of approval for his sister to attend Hogwarts herself.  

Helga turned back to Maximus as he spoke, smiling as she listened to his thanks while on the inside she was grinning. It was a new challenge before her now indeed. What she had assumed was a battle with travel food had turned into a battle with an empty stomach. A challenge on how she was to go about satisfying a hungry stomach but one she knew quite well how to complete and with flying colors. After all Godric was a hard case to keep full and satisfied, anyone else was surely a walk in the park but not wanting to put too much pride into her work she would just be happy knowing she had satisfied a hungry and well deserved stomach with a good hearty meal it wouldn't forget.

"Your most welcome Sir Raine and its the least I could do after causing the misunderstanding before. I don't always use the best of judgement with myself when it comes to people. I like to make them feel welcome and happy, forgetting I need to be using more etiquette and proper greetings before jumping on people or making assumptions as I did with you. I know better and will no doubt be getting an earful from Rowena and Godric later about introductions and stranger awareness" she explained with a warm tone on her smile. It shifted to one of what she hoped looked reassuring realizing what had said may come across wrong. "Not that I thought you were bad or dangerous but I have been known to sort of welcome the rough and rugged to the table before without making sure they weren't fully safe. Like a blinder on a horse, sometimes I turn a blind eye to people's exteriors when I get a feeling they are not as bad looking as they appear but do need a bit of cheering up spiritually and I've found nothing works better or stronger then a good warm meal." 

"My apologies, I must not sound very professional or reassuring right now given you are here to see if our school is adequate enough for your younger sister. I can assure you though I do take my role here as both an educator and temporary guardian of all the students who come stay here to learn very seriously and with great importance" she added after giving him a few moments to take in her ramblings. "Now then lets see about getting you something to eat to make up for the long journey here. If you'll follow me I can show you to the head table where the other founders and I as well as the rest of the school staff sit and enjoy our meals."

Helga gave a small wave of her hand, signally to Maximus to follow her and calmly with her hands tucked loosely behind her back led the way down the center aisle of the long tables towards the other end of the room. "In the great hall here we have four tables, each one assigned to a specific dorm house that one of the founders is in charge of. We sort the students into one of the four houses that best fits with their personality and overall spirit however should more than one house be fitting the hat gives the student the option to pick which they like. At the moment because of our small number of students we have most of the candle light focused towards the front half of the long tables but eventually the candles will cover much of the ceiling and blend well with the ceiling above" she said as they walked. 

Helga led the two of them up to the table running a different direction than the long four house tables, a good dozen high backed chairs sitting along one side facing out towards the room. She paused at the end of the table, smiling warmly as she moved one of her hands towards the chair at the end of the table. "If you'll have a seat Sir Raine, we can see about getting that empty stomach of yours filled with a delicious warm meal" she said, waiting until he was seated before drawing her wand from the front pocket of her gardening apron. 

With a small light wink she gave the top of the table three slow taps with the tip of her wand. After a few seconds there was a small pop and an empty plate appeared in front of the chair followed by an empty goblet and a set of cutlery. Next came several more pops as different bowls and platters of steaming dishes like roasted pheasant, saute'd vegetables, buttered julienned potatoes for him to choose from appeared on the table around the plate and within his reach from the chair. Last a waterskin filled with wine appeared beside the goblet, completing the small but grand little feast fit for one.

Smiling, Helga pocketed her wand and gave the dishes a quick glance over. The house elves had done wonderfully from what she could see and it all smelled fantastic. If she was going to earn any good points in favor of the school, for sure it would be for what was now presented in front of Maximus. "Alright, go ahead and tuck in Sir Raine. If you need anything else in particular just let me know, usually the house elves are pretty quick at getting it here once its asked for."

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Godric had just finished class, actually, when Helga summoned him. There was little time to do anything but wash his hands and splash a bit of water on his face to clean up a bit. The clothes were a little dusty but nothing to be done about that. Maximus, a knight himself, would understand that these things happened sometimes.

Leaving the bathing room, he headed for the Great Hall where Helga requested his presence. And it seemed he was right on time, as a small feast appeared around Sir Raine. Rhiannon was right on his heels as he strode through the Great Hall up to where Maximus was sitting/Helga was standing, preening over the presentation her house elfs had set up.

"Well, it seems I picked the best time to come in! Thank you, Lady Hufflepuff. It looks rather scrumptious. Class was a little rough today so a hot meal before lunch might suit me well, if Sir Raine is willing to share." He leaned over and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek. "You're a God-send - no question about that." Then he took a seat next to Maximus. It wasn't his usual one at the staff table but it would be illogical to take his usual seat and make Maximus yell any questions he had for Godric.

However, he was fairly certain Helga had been fully capable of answering any questions up to this point. She knew this school as well as anyone, if not better. She had been here for the construction, while he and Salazar had not.

"Well met, Sir Raine." Godric said as he rounded the edge of the table and gracefully slid into the seat. For once, he was grateful that Astrid had healed him so he didn't look like a brawler to meet a potential, concerned parent's proxy. Not that he wanted to think about her or last night! Just...no! No thoughts. He needed to focus!

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