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Gryffindor Roll Call

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Godric was (hopefully) the last to arrive at the portrait portraying a beautiful young maiden who protected the entrance to his house. All of his new students milled around outside, trying to figure out how to get in. One very intelligent young woman had even engaged the portrait, trying to reason their way in. He assured all the students and, once he'd made sure there was no one but Gryffindors present, he explained the code to gain access. Once he had said the magic words (dragon bogies), the portrait swung open, revealing a hole on the larger side which everyone would have to crawl through to get inside.

He was definitely the last to crawl through, doing a tuck and tumble, jumping up on his feet to compensate for the slight drop on the other side. There was mixture of laughter and cheering, which he treated them with a confident half-smirk, reassuring them all that they too might be capable of that someday, if they weren't already.

The noise was uplifting, the chatter of the nervous or excited. Few stayed quiet but Godric took note of their faces, hoping that they would adjust in the next few days. It would take time, being away from home for likely the first time in their lives. Maybe Helga would have some suggestions about how to pull them around if they didn't do it on their own.

After a bit, he yelled at them to shut it, pulling out a scroll. "Now then, I'm doing roll call. These are the names of all the students who belong here. If you're name isn't on here by the time I am done, get out." There was laughter at this. "When I read off your names, you call out, maybe say a bit about yourself. After all, for the next year, we're brothers and sisters in arms, we eat together, sleep together, study together. We are essentially family and it's important that we know each other so we can support each other appropriately.

"Now..." Slowly, Godric read off the names one by one, looking up as each one spoke in order to try and memorize their faces to names.

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 Kimberly had moved to sit on one of the chairs towards the back of the room. She really had not expected to see people of all ages. Some of them young children that look barely of age to be away from their families. Others looked older than her. It was easy to see thought they are all in the same boat. They had all been chosen to join this house with a leader that was a true knight. She seen though on a few occasions that he could become that fatherly figure that some them might have lost over the years. He then was a goof since should have known that step was there since it was his place. He was trying to make them fill comfortable.
This castle was bigger then anything she ever been in and knew that would end up getting lost. Kimberly since he found here was getting meals everyday but still did not eat as much as should have for fact that did not want to get used to being full and next thing know being kicked out of the school.

She looked at the scroll knowing that if tried to read it things would be completely different. If it not been for the Gryffindor family then she never would have learned to read even more then already could. She owe a lot to the gentleman in front of her that made sure she was no longer living from one forest to the next.

“My name is Kimberly.” She had laughed little at the get out part knowing he really did not seem like a person that would kick someone out if they needed help. If gone the wrong way maybe after showing them right way. “I here to learn more about this magic I can do instead of calling it a demon that likes to catch things on fire.” Not really sure what else to share since did not know any of these people.

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