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Slytherin Roll Call

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Salazar made certain to lead his students down from the Great Hall, wanting them to understand right from the start that while they were here to learn in a safe environment, it was not going to be a picnic now that they were away from their parents. He would be their parent and they would be his children. And children of all ages needed discipline. Thus he allowed little talking as they headed down through the ghastliest parts of the dungeons until finally they reached the door with the snake knocker. Explaining the purpose of the door, he used the knocker and then spoke the password for this year: Shealy.

Once inside, while many of the students seemed willing to go to their beds after such a full meal, Salazar had other ideas. Ordering them all to take a seat somewhere, he took out the roll of parchment listing the students that had been chosen by the Sorting Hat. He cleared his throat a few times, trying to hurry them along but they all seemed in awe of the room, gilded in brass and decked with the expected green upholstery and dark wood furniture. But what caught the most of their intention were the massive windows that looked out into the lake itself.

"Yes yes, very magnificent. You will be spending the next year here so you can enjoy the view later. Now then," he cleared his throat once more, his eyes narrowing to commit each name he read off to the face it matched. With supreme quiet finally ruling the room, he began to call one name after another...

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