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Ravenclaw House Rollcall

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Rowena, though she was of average height, seemed to stand taller as she stood in front of the statue that was unmistakably of her. This was the common room of her personal students, to be shared by them in their downtime from their studies. Around them was a massive collection of books that almost rivaled the library itself. She had donated much of her personal collection to this very room.

In her hands was a long scroll of parchment where she was reading off a list of names given by Godric's traveling hat, now affectionately named the Sorting Hat. She wanted to make sure that each of her students had made it to Ravenclaw Tower safely after transversing the moving stairs and using their minds to get past the eagle knocker on the door. Thus far her students had not disappointed her.

Her cool blue eyes searched those gathered as she called them out one by one.

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Cara had done her best to keep her reactions inside at what she was seeing. The only word in fact to come to mind was magic to describe what she was seeing. What had at first seemed like a cold place she was being sent off to turned out in fact to be far opposite. She remembered being gathered together with a bunch of other people, some of them possibly even her age and they had all been brought here because they possessed some form of magic. It wasn't perhaps called that by everyone in attendance but its what she called it thus made it easier to explain as her mind processed everything.

She remembered them all being sorted into four houses and Cara oddly had been one of the few to not have been picked for a house, rather the odd magical hat had in fact asked her where she would like to be placed as she possessed the qualities of several houses. In the end she had chosen Ravenclaw, a house that seemed to be what would give her the most of what she wanted in coming to the school. She remembered glancing at the head of the house, Rowena Ravenclaw and found that though the woman was very beautiful and held herself with grace and professionalism there was something else there about her. A sense of intelligence was almost thick around the older woman like a perfume and blended within was her knowledge of knowing her own intelligence. Cara had never encountered a person like before, almost prideful of her intelligence and not caring if it showed or not. She was interested to see just what sort of lessons such a person could offer her and what sort of information she could obtain from such a person.

Cara followed a small group along who had also been sorted into the Ravenclaw house, giving them each just a glance and nothing more. She was here to learn and train not make friends or family her heart reminded her as they paused in front of a door. They each took a turn with what seemed to be the first test of their minds, when it was Cara's turn she struggled a little but managed to gain access inside the room on her second attempt. 

Once inside, she took her time slowly gazing around the room. The repeated use of a few colors stuck out the most in her mind, outside the obvious giant statue of the house creator but she didn't hold it against her. It was beautiful craftmanship from the look of it, defiantly done with a steady hand and a good set of tools. Realizing the Lady Ravenclaw had moved to the front of the group and stood in front of her own statue, Cara directed her attention to her as she addressed them.

Hearing her name called, Cara lightly gripped at the strap of her bag as she nudged aside the light hum of nerves buzzing in her chest. Calmly she raised her hand up then as she lowered it back down, she took a small step forward. "My name is Caratacos Toirdelbach, I hail from Peebleshire, Scotland. Should it make things easier, I can be called Cara for short" She said, mostly addressing the older woman before her but figured if the others staying in the dorm with her knew her name it would be easier to get her attention in the days to come instead of a 'hey you' or something. With as much of an introduction as she was willing to give, she gave a small polite bow of her head towards Rowena and stepped back into the group huddle behind her.

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