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Astrid Gudrun

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Registered: Dec 2021

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Name: Ástríðr (Astrid) Guðrún (Gudrun)
Age/Sex: 24 / F
Birthday: May 5th
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Wand: hawthorn, unicorn hair 12 3/4in unyielding
Teaches: School Healer/Medic
Family Members:
Wizard Father - Guðrún (Deceased)
Witch Mother - Valdís (Deceased)
Brother - Kóri (wizard)(15)
Sister - Iðunn (witch)(13)
Brother - Sigfrid (wizard)(12)
Sister - Helene - Sister (witch)(11)
Step-Father - Eiríkr (no-maj)(Deceased)
Half-Brother - Liam (presumed no-maj)(5)
Half-Brother - Ernst (presumed no-maj)(5)
Half-Sister - Katla (presumed no-maj)(4)
Half-Brother - Teodor (presumed no-maj)(3)

Personality: Astrid comes across as a warm and caring person. Raising her younger siblings has helped her develop a sense of compassion, dependability, and wisdom while her life both on the open seas and in various ports and towns has given her the social skills to be friendly, observant, and well mannered. Astrid is dedicated and determined but sometimes it comes across as stubbornness to others. This comes across strongly in her work, never one to give up or take a shortcut to finish quicker but taking the time to do it correctly the first time. Her background as being raised in a viking clan has caused some gossip and mutterings but she takes it in stride, letting it roll off her shoulders as if it doesn't bother her. One thing Astrid can't stand however is harm coming to her family, including her new half siblings looking to her for guidance and protection. Shes taken it upon herself to guard them, see to it nothing breaks through to dampen her family's happiness or safety.

Her alter ego expresses some of these traits too but displays a few of the exact opposite when faced with a fight, taunting and jesting with her opponent to draw out their anger and possibly hints of how she can either beat them or retreat safely. Above all she makes sure the safety of others comes before her own, protecting the innocent from harm even if it causes herself to receive an injury. No one has yet to link her to her alter ego Ásmundr, the viking knight and she can't help but secretly smile or chuckle guiltily when she hears or reads whispers about him in all manner of opinion.

During her free time when she isn't in the village with her family, Astrid likes to relax in a simple way, sometimes with a good drink and a warm place to soak in some sunshine or playing a viking lyre, a small six string oblong shape hand harp made of wood. Its music often draws in attention and sometimes a small audience to listen for a short time. Astrid doesn't mind it or sometimes the requests to learn to play.

History: Astrid was born in a small mountain side village in inland Norway, her parents a witch and wizard found it no surprise at a young age she was bursting with magical talent. They trained her as best they could alongside several more children to join them over the years while tending to the simple life of livestock farmers. They had to keep their magic hidden from view most of the time in order to keep their simple and carefree life but she found it a fun experience when she could slip away and try out something she had learned using her father's wand, often ending up getting caught before she could return it.

Astrid was 15 when her family's life suddenly changed. A recently made Lord decided without reason to march on the village her family lived at, accusing its residence of harboring vikings and thieves. Though it confused them all why that was so when it was a dozen or so miles to the nearest port or body of water. They were the farthest settlement in the area so the claim sounded like a joke, until the lord's men drew their weapons and charged forward. Astrid and her mother gathered the younger siblings and hurried from their home to hide in the crop fields while her father rushed off to defend their home. The area was full of the sounds of metal clashing, armor and flesh ripped into and screams of many ranges crying out. Astrid couldn't take it and urged her family past the fields to the road beyond, determined to get them as far as they could alive and well. Other families had the same opinion but the Lord and his men didn't let the escape go unnoticed for long and pursued everyone who had fled. Asrid wasn't sure how long they had traveled, driven to keep going to stay alive they and several other families made it to another village close to the coast just as the Lord and his men caught them.

Made mostly of children and women, the group tried as they might to defend themselves but it wasn't for long. All seemed like it would come to an end when a group of fighters from the village came to their aid, killing off most of the Lord's men and chasing him from the village. Astrid came to learn this group that had come to her aid were viking settlers and it was they who had sent the phony information to the Lord just to mess with the fool, they hadn't thought he would be foolish to believe it. To make up for everything Astrid, her family, and the remaining families had been through, the group swore to protect each life remaining and give them a new future to make up for the one they had foolishly ruined. She took one last look at her home the day they boarded a ship, silently swearing she would be back to avenge her father, her friends and the village that had lost their lives to the foolish Lord cowering in his castle. She would become a fighter and healer, a savior to the common people against the greedy tyrants and lords only craving to line their own pockets and keep their comfortable life.

Astrid spent the next five to six years learning the trades of the viking clan that took them all in. Luckily among the clan were several magical families who were able to help with the magical gifts of Astrid and her siblings. With her mother, the pair learned from the other women the skills and knowledge of medicine and healing. A few being magical witches themselves, they saw the two of them capable of learning the various herb blends for ailments and injuries. At the same time Astrid learned to fight and defend, taking up training with a variety of weapons to fulfill her desire to protect and serve the common people. From bows and throwing knives, to a hand axe, spear, and dual short swords, she showed promise in her skill and quick learning. She surpassed many of the fighters her age and even a few older, this included magic training in spell casting and dueling.

When she was old enough, Astrid had two tattoos done to commemorate not just her own passage from child to adult and completing a variety of training but the beginning of the path she would be traveling on going forward. One large tattoo was done across her back and the second far smaller tattoo was done on her chest above her heart. Both signify not just the viking culture and home she and her family had been embraced in but also her own personal reasons she keeps to herself.

She learned more than just combat and healing, Astrid was taught the means the clan made their wealth and connections. Showing her the various ports and villages they had settlements in, how sometimes being hidden under your enemies nose while not the favorite tactic was necessary if you were hunting a target you refused to let slip away. It was this idea the Astrid used to craft her double life. Wearing a suit of viking armor and a helmet to conceal her identity, she would venture out when they stopped by land and seek out people in need of help. She mostly stuck to commoners and sometimes a good hearted noble, building a reputation for herself as a male viking knight named Ásmundr.

While some thought her a hero others took her as an enemy, hunting and seeking her out but she took them all on unafraid to defend herself and either by defeating her opponents in a fight or if it looked to be not in her favor of victory she would make her escape by quickly slipping away into hiding. More importantly it was with this persona that Astrid served her revenge on the Lord that had taken loved ones from herself and the other families. She took it upon herself when they returned to the seaside village to go directly to him and kill everyone inside his home including the Lord himself using not just her own blade but her late father's wand as well in the name of revenge. Life taken to repay for life stolen. She had hated to do it but knew it would have only eaten away at her if she didn't avenge her father and the rest of the village.

Her revenge served, Astrid decided it was time she put her alter ego to the side and settled down in one town for a while. Her mother had remarried and given her several more siblings though none seemed yet to possess magical gifts. Wanting to do her duty as eldest and look after her family, Astrid decided they would try to make a living in Scotland for a while. Give her siblings a chance to grow and experience life in a solid environment rather than a life constantly on and off a ship every few months. Together she and her mother collected what they would need to set up a healing clinic, then packed up their family and headed inland. They found a small village in the highlands, a mixture of both magical and non magical residence coexisting together peacefully but also in desperate need of a skillful healer and doctor. Deciding to give the village what it wanted, they opened up their clinic to serve both magical and non magic means of healing and recovering the villagers and occasional travelers.

Shortly after they opened, Astrid's mother passed away in childbirth as she brought in the last member of their family. Not wanting to give up, she continued on running the clinic with the help of her father's wand and the older of her younger siblings. Not as powerful as she was, they still worked hard either helping to mix potions or dried herb packs, tending to the garden where they grew the herbs, or helping to look after the younger siblings. For several years they made a life for themselves in the small village, Astrid built a different sort of reputation as a life saver, that of a healer unlike her alter ego the viking knight. That part of her had also seen a small rise to its reputation, during her trips to the coast for supplies she tended to take just a little longer then she herself would need in order to extend her services to those in need along the way. Much to the dislike and annoyance of the local knights wandering around looking for their own bit of fame and heroics.     

It wasn't long before her talent was noticed by a fellow witch staying in the village, Rowena Ravenclaw during her stay had taken note of Astrid during construction of Hogwarts School for witches and wizards. Something about her drew the attention of the observant woman and shortly after the completion of the wizarding school Rowena asked if Astrid would come fill the position of healer for the school. The offer had taken her by surprise, one she knew wouldn't come again in her lifetime. She knew others her age by now had settled down to make families of their own, something she had passed on in order to take care of her siblings. She hadn't really wanted to settle down anyway, the dual life she had made for herself seemed too good to give up to marry and settle down. With this offer of a new experience, Astrid couldn't say no and agreed to do it with the condition she be able to return to her siblings each night or as often as she could. As much as she wanted to try this new experience. Recently, Astrid has been looking into replacing her father's wand with a wand of her own. With advice from Rowena, it had been pointed out that her current level of abilities and strength would be far more powerful and distinctive were she to use a wand of her own instead of continuing to use her late fathers. 

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