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An Unexpected Meeting (Kimberly)

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"A little bit. More so its getting familiar with how a bow works that can be tricky. Your pulling on a taunt string with your own strength, don't pull hard enough and when you set an arrow it will just fall to the ground but if you pull to hard your likely to snap the string or wood of the bow and risk hurting yourself. While it doesn't require the strength say a sword would need it does still need some strength to use. Honestly for me it was a little easier to become familiar with than a sword. For girls, we lack some of the upper body build men have. Thats not to say we could never wield a sword, I think there are some woman  who can but they much train a lot to build up the strength to stand among the men to effectively wield a bladed weapon" Care calmly explained as she worked on Apollo's foot. It honestly wasn't in to bad shape, just a bit of dirt and rocks stuck in some of the ridges. After she got it cleaned out a simple trim would have at least this foot feeling good.

"A bow comes in handy more than just for defense, its a pretty good tool to know when it comes to survival too and hunting for your meals. Since its long range it makes it easier to target prey like rabbits and quail from a further distance that won't risk scaring them off as you aim your shot. its possible to get bigger animals too but at the moment if its just me a rabbit or two is plenty to keep me fed for a day."

After finishing with the first hoof, Cara carefully set it back down so Apollo could readjust his balance. Giving the large animal a few pats she moved down to the back hoof now, repeating the steps to lift his hoof up and hold it between her knees while she cleaned and trimmed it. The process gave her a chance to listen to Kimberly as the girl explained a little about her journey including the parts she was in the company of one of the founding wizards. It must have been some experience getting to see one of them first hand, he certainly sounded a bit different than how her first impression pegged him to be when she had met him the other day alongside the other founders.

"He is the wild sort of red or brunette color haired looking one right? I remember seeing a dog with him but I didn't know he was a knight too. I didn't think wizards could be knights too to be honest but I guess depending on where your from magic isn't always embraced the same. Guess even wizards and witches can have dual occupations" she replied though didn't look up from the task she was working on. "Good on him though for wanting to teach us how to survive on our own, I'm sure its lessons that will come in handy for sure." 

"I haven't met any of them personally. Just that the noble woman I was with is good friends with Lady Hufflepuff and she was the one that advised I come here to learn instead. I didn't really get to know much about her before I was sent on my way so I'm a bit in the dark about all of them. I'm sure though in the coming days while we are here we will learn more about them. Would be hard not to given we are all basically living together in the castle like school" Cara continued after a small pause.

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