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A Chance Meeting (Artashir)

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Salazar was looking out in the direction of the sea, though it wasn't quite in view from here. Still, he knew where it was, directing his focus towards his homeland. Just barely, he heard the shuffle of people at the gate as it opened. Turning towards it, he found a man and young lady entering the compound. The man was of origins that he couldn't quite identify, though the young lady was of lighter complexion; likely somewhere here in Francia or perhaps a bit south. Certainly not of Norman ancestry but that was of no consequence. As long as the blood ran true, that was what mattered to him.

When the man smiled at him, Salazar simply nodded, making his way over to the couple. While it would be rude to not wait for his host to introduce them, he wanted to know if his time here had been wasted or not. While the visitor was a bit scruffy looking, so was Godric usually after a long stint on the road. Appearance meant nothing to him and if the girl was of an age where he could convince who he assumed was Vardyan to send his daughter on to the school...

Striding across the lawn, he stopped when he had reached the couple, bowing slightly to them both. "Forgive my rudeness. This is most inappropriate but would you happen to be Artashir Vardyan?" He questioned, studied them both, trying not to be so critical. Helga always said he was too quick to judge people and with the school opening, whether he liked it or not, he was going to have to be more accepting of all social classes. Thus, he was going to try - for the school's sake. 

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