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Before the Next Adventure (OPEN)

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"Oh, I see," he said as she explained about the beer. He hoped she wouldn't be terribly offended if he had a pint to relax his travel-weary body. It had truly been a long way from home and while they had stopped a few times, he hadn't dared to spend too much time in each place. He had only gotten out to stretch his legs and take the occasional wee as needed. "I find it is a good way to relax after a long day. I don't drink it to the point of everything going fuzzy but a pint here and there is a nice way to wind down."

Zot looked up with a smile as Kimberly temporarily rejoined them to provide them with water and information. He nodded in agreement with Cara as she thanked the other girl. "Yes, thank you so very much. I would have been quite lost without your help," he said, glad to have met a fellow student right off the bat. It made him all the more excited about this new adventure.

"We will absolutely do so," he said in reference to asking the typical serving staff about rooms for the night and then flashed Kimberly another winning smile. "Only if you want to Kimberly. I'm sure you are a very busy individual and I don't want to trouble you."

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