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RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Godric nodded when she used the hammer metaphorically. A perfect example. He had thought the child metaphor would sit more easily with a young woman who had likely had to deal with one or two in their time. A hammer though, that was another interesting aspect - she kept throwing those at him and it only made him more determined to get to know this young woman. All the students, really. Everyone had their own stories. To a knight sitting bored around a campfire, stories were golden actually and while he thought his days in the field were over, one never knew where they would find themselves.

Sir Raine might. Maybe Godric should ask him about what the stars had to say about it. Frankly, he'd been a little too nervous to ask, afraid of what the signs might say about it all.

Another time. For now, he needed to focus on this moment.

The free concept was going to be a hard one for a lot of people to accept, of course. And it wasn't going to be an easy task, outfitting each student with what they needed to attend class. However, the four of them were resolved that everyone should learn, no matter their station and thus, if they needed to pay for it then so be it.

Seeing the nervous look that she gave the wand, he quickly stored it away again, picking his dinner back up to finish the last of it. Rhiannon had already finished her own and was looking at his own rather craftily. He shook his head at the dog, taking another big bite as though to stake his claim on the food.

"It is a long journey to where I am taking you. There is always the chance that we could stop occasionally along the way and see if there is anyone who needs help for a little pay. By the time we reach the Scot lands, you might very well have enough for the wand if we're careful." He reasoned. "And if not, there will still be at least another month before school actually begins so perhaps you could take a position somewhere in the trading post to earn what you need - if you so insist." He reasoned.

"As for your horse, there are stables at the school. As everyone must have a way to get there, I doubt yours will be the only one in residence. As one who shares a bond with a close animal companion, I understand the hesitance to let go of that relationship. Of course, I would never suggest the two of you be parted for too long."

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-31-2021

Kimberly was worried about the wand since did not know what it could do. She trusted him but was worried since maybe now he was being nice. There were men out there that would do that just to get on someone's positive side. If they had become, he then shows the actual dark side that he had. Rhiannon was really cute to her with how she was acting. “I guess if we are being together for a while should introduce ourselves to each other. My name is Kimberly.”

She did not know if he was trying to talk her into paying for her wand or if this was his way of saying that if she really wanted to make the money to pay, they would work on it. The witch wanted to make sure he understood that if he helped it would be fine. “If you can help then I would appreciate it all. There is not really anything other than cleaning that I am good at doing. I will try my best to make the money for supplies. It's nice that you are willing to work on helping someone like me out.” Kimberly did not really see herself as one of those that was worth being helped for the simple fact that she was just a small daughter of smithy that not give a man what they want.

Kimberly turned towards the horse and smiled happy that it was going to be safe and, in a place, to stable it. “Thank you, I will make sure to help clean up after the horse also. He has just been there with me through everything. The horse is the one that saved me from the wolf to being with. Had he not gotten spoof and made some noise then never would have woken up. The wolf then would have killed me. I make sure to feed him the best can with what find in the forests.”

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-31-2021

He had known her name. The Thatchers had told him but he would not count it against her. After all, she couldn't know what had and had not been said between the couple and himself. Best that she never know, actually.

"I am Sir Godric Gryffindor. It is a pleasure to meet you, Kimberly." He bowed his head cordially.

"I would not worry about the money. As I said, you have plenty of time to earn what you can and if it is not enough, I shall supply the rest. Your taking care of your own horse once you start school in the fall will be worth the money. One less thing for me to do as I will be one of your teachers as well." He gave her a charming half-smile.

Godric finished his dinner, then tossed another few sticks on the fire to keep it going. "Now, as I said earlier, it is quite the long trip ahead of us so I suggest we get some sleep while we can. We're going to need it. I might not be here when you wake up as I will have to go for my horse but please do not leave before my return. I would hate to have to hunt you down again." He requested, pulling a small square of wool from his jacket. Knowing it would probably not win him any favors, he had no choice. This was the only covering he had.

Thus he drew his wand once more and enlarged the blanket. Standing up, he circled around the fire and draped it over her shoulders. "Get some rest and I will see you in the morning. Promise." Then he whistled and pointed to the spot next to Kimberly so that the dog would come and lie down with her, offering more heat to keep her warm if the fire died while he was gone.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-31-2021

“It is nice to meet you also Sir Godric Gryffindor.” She smiled and bowed her head back also in return. She was grateful that he was saying it would cost her less money since she was taking care of her own horse. The only thing once at school she has problems with was the food but if there were others so might be able to work on getting it easier. “Okay, I will do what I can to help earn my way but will also allow you to help me buy everything that is needed for school. I am sure you will be a great teacher when it comes down to it also. When I am taking care of my horse, I will work on taking care of the others also from time to time.”

“I promise that I will still be here when you get back in the morning. Besides, where would I work on going if able to leave.” She took the warmer blanket that he put around her shoulders and smiled. “You are sure that you don’t need this blanket with you as you go and get the horse. I mean I have my own blanket will do well enough for the night.” Kimberly would not argue to much because this was the warmest, she had been the whole time she had been here. She moved to get as close to the fire as would be possible to not get hurt.

“I promise that if not here when you get back in the morning. Then I will be back if you just sit here and wait. I know there is a berry tree down this area.” She moved to work on pointing in the direction that was talking about. “If you don’t mind it either can you leave your pot here so that can get morning in the water? I normally drink the water straight from the river since having nothing to boil it. I don’t really think that was the best thing to do.” Kimberly would make sure to put the pan in her bag so that it was safe. She seen that the dog was saying also so that was great.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-31-2021

Godric nodded, relieved that she would at least accept his help. And that she would stay here. It wasn't that he was worried he wouldn't be able to find her again. If she decided to leave, Rhiannon would just follow her until he caught up so that wasn't a huge deal. It just made things so much easier.

"I'll be warm enough," he promised. The last warm night she'd had was probably with the Thatchers but who knew when the time before that had been. Thus, he would survive the run back. "Sleep well." He wished her, leaving the pot where it it was, though he had every intention of being back by morning. It wasn't a long walk and an even shorter run, even if in his fox form, his legs were shorter. He could run a lot faster in that form than he could his human form. As long as no one saw him...

"Goodnight Kimberly." And then Godric walked off into the darkness, trusting that the pair would be safe enough until his return. She now had a pot and her knife plus the dog to defend herself, not to mention the fire. It would be okay - or so he had to tell himself or else he would never leave.

Once he was a good hundred feet into the darkness, Godric shifted down into his animagus form and began to run - free once more. Off in the distance, he thought he heard a mournful farewell from his fellow four-legged friend but his own chittering noise wouldn't reach her so he focused on the run. The sooner he was gone, the sooner he could say hello again...

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-31-2021

Kimberly moved to work on standing up once made sure that he was gone. She wanted to make sure to put everything she had back in the bag that way if someone else walked in on them they would not see that she had those few things. It might not be much, but that pot could be sold for a decent amount. After putting the stuff in her bag, she pulled it over towards herself and held it. She moved back to the fire wrapping the blanket around her again.

“Thank you, Rhiannon, for staying with me. I know you would want to go with your master but it is nice to have someone else here with me at night. I am sure that I will actually get some sleep.” She hugged the dog slowly petting its fur as leaned her head against it. “You are so soft, so you know. Sir Godric is great to have a friend like you with him every day.”

After giving her a hug, she moved to work on going over and lay down on the ground next to the fire. She used the old blanket as a pillow so could relax a little more on that. Kimberly laid there staring at the fire as her eyes slowly moved to closer her eyes and sleep. For once she was peaceful allowing herself to rest completely since Thatcher’s.

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