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RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Godric heart ached for this young woman who had no idea just what was going on with her. It really was heartbreaking, every time he saw it. But now was not the time for weakness (though when was it ever the time for that). He could still be gentle.

Pulling a pair of tweezers from his pocket. "Here, let me help you with that splinter. We need to be certain to get it all out so it doesn't become gangrenous. Hard to run if you have that particular problem, though I hope I can convince you not to run. See, it's not a demon at all but the magic in your blood." He explained, standing to circle around the fire and sit down next to her. Rhiannon leaned against her on the other side, going to far as to rest a foot on her lap to keep Kimberly in place so that he could carefully pry the splinter from her arm, then searched the other for any other shards that needed to be removed, dealing with them as well.

When he handled her injured wrist, he noticed another wince. "We need to wrap that wrist; stabilize it until we can get you to a healer. I know a rather good one who'll have you fixed up in a jiffy but for now, it'll help with the pain." Pulling a bandage that he kept on him at all times for emergencies like this, he straightened the hand to be in place with the arm and then methodically wrapped it around with the training of a man who had done this dozens of time (probably because he had for himself or his fellow brothers-in-arms).

"I don't have anything for the pain right now but come tomorrow morning, we can visit another friend nearby who might have what we need." Now that he was done, he immediately retreated to sit on his side. Rhiannon pulled her leg away, instead moving to lie down and rest her head in Kimberly's lap, looking up at the young woman with those big green eyes with the hope for petting as a reward for her behavior. Godric shook his head at the dog's antics, returning his attention to the spit and the now boiling liquid. Knowing that pulling his wand out right now might not be best, he wrapped his hand in the leather of his jacket and lifted it off the spit, setting it aside on the ground to cool off a bit so they could drink it once the meat was done.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

 Kimberly frowns when he admitted that it was magic that she had in her blood. This was going to be even more of a problem because before when it was the demon that meant it was someone else. Someone could always call a priest and do things to help get rid of the demon. Witches did not get those choices since they were burned at the stake. They were killed for being what they were. “I liked the demons better. It was less likely to get you killed. Back home they burned people just for having it in their blood. Demons you can at least run from.” She never had her injuries this bad though. She tried to move a little when he came closer but realized it was not possible to tense. It was clear to see what made her wrist worse as he was handling it.

Kimberly once had her wrist wrapped properly pulled it close to her chest. “My wrist is fine almost completely healed from the wolf bite that happen before. The nursemaid took look at it and said healing find just going be a little sore. It does feel a little better though so thank you.” She moved to move it a little trying to feel what movement she might have with it. “I sure there are a few times that had messed up trying to take care of myself after the accidents.”

Kimberly worked on petting Rhiannon head with the hand that was not wrapped. The fur was soft and made it easier to work on relaxing since could feel her muscles being tight. She watched the older man in front working on pulling the water off the fire still not sure if trusted him. He kept saying taking her to friends would help. The question was are these friends that will really help or she is getting herself thrown into something that was going to be way over her head. “The pain does not hurt actually used to it. I mean what a little pain if not something to teach you what you can and can’t handle. I stay for the night since you are right about the wolves coming out. Truth does not want to work on facing them again. In the morning we most likely will be going different ways.”

She would relax by the warmth tonight since really was cold from everything that had happened. The blanket she got at the beginning of Winter was starting to see some signs of use like her clothes since did not really have anything to change into. “Plus I am sure your friends are nice but there is no way I could pay for a healer or even drugs. Used the last of the money I saved up to pay your last friends back for destroying their kitchen. It most likely was not even enough then. I not going to be a burden on you since not able to pay.” She knew this would be the real test. This man and been nice so far but what did he want out of this. Kimberly did not want to become a whore though it might pay well. Plus since not able to get pregnant they do not have to worry about that. Thinking of children caused her to pull in on herself almost laying her chest near the dog's head from memories that caused all this to happen. Children caused her to lose everything.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

It was good that she would at least spend the night here where he could keep her safe. More importantly, he could try talking to her about what was really going on with her and convince her that she was safe, now that he had found her. But only if he could keep her from bolting in the morning. While he wasn't above kidnapping her to keep her safe, Godric would prefer not to have to resort to that. There were likely people looking for her back home. If, somehow, they found Hogwarts and found that she had been kidnapped, they would be within their rights to take her back...

Take her back to a burn pile, if ever they found out what she could do. And Godric would fight to the death anyone that tried to put someone else through that.

"Sounds like you have been on quite a journey. A wolf bite, eh?" It was surprising that she had managed to escape. There must be some strength in Kimberly to have managed that. Good, there was fight in her to survive. That would serve her well. "The food should be ready in a bit but we have time for a story. Why not tell me yours? Least you can do in exchange for the food, right?" It was a low blow but he wanted her to feel like she had paid him so she didn't worry about having to pay him by other means.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly did not move from her current position with her head near Rhiannon knowing that she would protect her. The animal looked as if she was one that would even fight her master if he tried to harm someone that did not deserve it. “It is a journey for sure. Even if wanted to go home not sure anyone would accept me back there.” Wynter had been so mad at her that if she showed her face for sure he would have said it was her fault. They lost part of their house because she caught it on fire. “Not sure if you know about different places and things but I come from Folkstone. It was New Year’s the family was sitting down for dinner.  Some news had come out that was not favorable in the eyes of some of the others in the family. Fighting happen and then my magic as you call it happened. I set the table on fire without meaning to since was nervous. When the others went to go out the door I panic. What were they going to do to get someone to help stop the fire or get the priest to make sure I did nothing like this again. Took what little money I had and ran.”

She remembers the look on her husband's face when told her she had been lying and was not having a baby. All she wanted in life was to give him the child that he deserved to have. Her life would have been completely different if that had happened. The man before her was even offering to feed her and all she had to do was tell him a little about what she did. They would be gone different ways tomorrow so it would not matter too much right. It was a free meal and Rhiannon was warming her up from a chill she did not realize she had. Remember the fight with the wolf made her realize that she was lucky since could have lost that fight easily. “I was half day’s ride to Hastings when was just too tired to go any farther so needed to make camp and rest. That when the wolf happen it saw the fire and was standing at the edge of camp growling. Not sure what to do I panic and tried to attack them with my knife. She tried to move to get her bag though knowing it was not going well. Rhiannon was trying to be protective of her and not allow any movement.

“The wolf bites my hand in the process I tried to stab him. That made the creature even madder causing it to bite down on my wrist.” She held the hand he just bandaged up as if to say she did not make it out of the fight without some battle wombs.  “If it had not somehow accidentally caught its tail on fire I don’t think would have made it out of there alive. That is where I met your friends. They were nice enough to take me in for free while I was healing. All had to do was help them with some basic chores. Did that till well you saw the mess. Gave them the last of the money I had and left with my bag" The bag was almost empty on its own though. If you were to open it you see her cloak she wore to cover herself in rain, one more dress, then the knife that was not strong enough to do anything. “Rest you know from there since now met you.” Kimberly did not need him to know about the other times that blew things up or caught fire that did not matter. Just that it happened was enough.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Godric listened closely, though he kept his eyes on the food, not wanting her to feel self-conscious in case she wasn't used to a great deal of attention. At the right moments, he nodded though when she admitted about the wolf attack, his eyes widened and looked up at her briefly. The fact that such a little person had managed to fight her way free of the predator was interesting. That she'd had the nerve to even attack it was impressive. He knew a great many women who would just scream and pray for rescue.

Not this one. She fought back and to him, that was always a good thing. A young woman with nerve could certainly survive the trip up to the trading post and the hazards of learning magic.

"Thank you for sharing that with me," Godric said, once she had finished. For a few moments, the only sound was the wind blowing across the clearing and the very distant crash of waves against the shore. Barely there unless one was truly listening but it was there. Finally, the rabbit had cooked long enough. He removed the stick from the spit. Producing two collapsible cups from his coat pocket, he extended them and poured some of the warm mead from the kettle into one, handing it over to her. He poured the remainder into his own cup and then turned on the rabbit.

"Afraid I don't have any trenchers or plates on me. It's hard to keep everything on me, no matter how I wish I could." He apologized, pulling one of the carcasses off the spit and, placing it in his lap, he handed the stick over to her so that she could eat off of that if she liked.

"Rhi," he said sharply. The dog looked at him, her face drooping slightly but he shook his head, pointing to his side. He knew that if he didn't keep her on a short leash, she would likely try to eat Kimberly's food. The girl needed every morsel she could get. Reluctantly, Rhiannon stood up and skulked over to him, plopping down unhappily by his side.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly looked towards him once the dog moved and nodded. “You are welcome. I mean me giving you my story for food is not that hard of a thing to do. You helped me out more already than already know by just giving me a warmer fire for the night and something that not berries or fruit from trees.” She was not able to work on killing creatures to get food from them. Kimberly moved to work on leaning over to grab her bag pulling it closer to him. She went to dig into it with one hand. “Here you go this might help you out a little since it's not a plate or something.”

She went hand him over the knife that she kept with her at all times. Kimberly worked on taking a small bite of the rabbit wanting to get the taste of everything on its meat. She was used to eating bland food so this going to be different than what was normal on the road. “I am fine with just using this stick. This is good thanks to you for the dinner it's something different.” She moved to eat a few more bites knowing she would save most of it for Rhiannon later when he was not paying attention. There no was her stomach would handle this whole thing.

“May I ask you a question since you don’t seem to be wanting me for my body. Plus, you said you were friends with the Thatcher’s.” She went to bite some more of the rabbit thinking about how wanted to say this. “Why are you looking for me. I know that you were because said that Rhi tracked me from their house.”

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Godric, of course, had a dagger of his own but when she offered it so kindly, it seemed rude to refuse her. And no reason to scare her with the fact that he was armed and might be able to hurt her. With all that she had been through, it could very well be the thing that drove her off. While it would be unimaginable that a man like him would be roaming the countryside without some sort of protection, she had already seen his wand so she might thing that was protection enough. No reason to disprove the idea.

He nodded at her gratitude, feeling that it was the least he could do for her sharing the fire. She might make an excellent student for his house and yet he could see some softness that might make her very welcome under Helga's wing. He supposed that the Sorting Hat would make the final decision but he had to admit wondering which of her traits would speak loudest to his old hat.

Godric had taken a few bites of the rabbit, finding the herbs Helga had suggested quite a wonderful companion to the juicy meat. And the way he had cooked it, the tasty flesh ripped right off the bone. Perfect timing, if he said so himself - which he did. At least in his head.

"Ah, that. I wondered when you might ask me that." He said, taking a strip of the meat and setting it beside him for Rhiannon to take. She had to have her supper too, after all. "What would you say if I told you that the place that my friend is building is for people like you? People who have magic that causes disruption. Were I to take you there, you could learn to control it better and perhaps learn to do more than just explode things or set it aflame. If you're going to be a witch, which you are one, might as well know how to use that magic in your blood.

"It would mean no more running, no more having to find a new place every time you have an outburst of magic. It would be somewhere that you could be free to live your life for a few years and learn who and what you are, safely."

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly had not known if he was going to take it but when he did, she smiled a little. She doubts it would really do anything but at least she was able to help him a little bit. The food was great with spices and things that were on it. She stares at the fire thinking about her life so far. In the last year, she went through so many things. Her life had seemed to be going so great and now changed. All the prayed was that Wynter would find someone else that could love and give him what he wanted. She wanted to do anything could but failed.

She worked on eating a little more of the food. She once finished eating all she could which was about half of the rabbit before holding out the stick so that he would know she finished. “Thank you it was really great just not used to actually eating that much anymore.” Did not want it to go to waste. “So why don’t you eat the rest of yours and give this to Rhiannon.”
Kimberly moved to pull the blanket she had back around her while thinking about everything that he was saying. She really was cold and just wanted to get warm. “How did you find out about me though. I did not talk to anyone about this power I have inside of me. I work on running before anyone else knows that I caused it. Plus, your friend is making a place for people like me, but that not going to work through. There was no way of making money to do pay for rent right now” She was worried because most people over time could come to resent people for who they were on things.
“I want to work on controlling it can though.” She closed her eyes since it was way, she works on trying to learn to calm herself. When not able to see anything, she works on breathing. “I don’t want to accidentally hurt someone because cause a fire. One of these times if not careful it would happen, and the person would not make it out alive.” Kimberly was worried since would she really be free if not able to pay her way. “I do want a place were not going to hurt anyone. I great at cleaning and housework.”

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

There was so much to explain to her and it was hard to know where to start really. And one did not want to overwhelm when first broaching the topic. He offered his gratitude for the remainder of the meat, glad that she had eaten some of it. Removing it from the spit, he set the stick aside and tossed it to the dog who tore into it quickly, happy to have a share. Rhiannon was perfectly capable of taking down her own supper if hungry but no dog that Godric knew was going to turn down a free meal when easily presented to them.

"This place," he started, taking another bite. Noticing her pull the blanket back up around her, he realized the fire had died a bit. Getting up this time so as not to worry her, he grabbed a few more sticks. Then he headed over to the tree she had partially exploded and collected shards and pieces that littered the ground. No reason to let it go to waste.

Tossing that onto the pile, he threw a heavier log in that would burn slowly. The smaller stuff would stoke it up quickly. Sitting back down to his food, Godric started again. "This place is a school, a place where anyone can go to learn. For free." If he had to pay for her wand and supplies, so be it. Just one more bill for his brother to roll his eyes at - for them to argue about - and then to be paid. Not like Godric didn't work for every cent of what little inheritance he was allowed to keep and hadn't already spent on the school.

"See, the problem you are having is that you cannot properly channel your magic." Setting his food down again, he reached into his pocket to pull out his wand. "That is what this is for. It's my wand. Once we get you one of your own, it will help you focus your magic. And once you have the knowledge of how to use it, then the explosions, the fires, everything that worries you - it will all stop. You'll be in control finally.

"The only reason you're having problems now is because magic wants to do things. When you do not utilize it, sometimes it gets mischievous. Much like a small child, it throws fits when it doesn't get to do what it wants - basically be used. But as that child matures by learning things, they throw less fits and they become much more stable and responsible. It is essentially the same with magic. There is still no reason as to why that is, it just seems to be the way things work."

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly was grateful for the fire to be stoke a little more. She knew would need to get a new blanket soon but just did not have the money to do that yet. This one was like the rest of her stuff older and getting thread baren from use along with the weather. Kimberly was happy to see the dog happy to have the food that was given freely. There was no use to let the food go to waste since it was clear she was eating it. The witch was happy to have even eaten half of it.

Her shoulder drops a little though prayed he did not see it when he was comparing magic to a child. The older man did not know anything about her past so would not know that children were even a sore spot. He did not seem like the type of person that would want to cause her pain on purpose. The way he explained it would be accurate. “So basically a wand is the hammer of blacksmithing. I have the right wand and training it can be powerful. Not having one is what causes all the problems to happen. I just need my special hammer to control the demon or magic that is inside of me.”

She watched the wand still careful since even a hammer in the wrong hands could be dangerous. Kimberly had not even found out this guy's name yet and here he was asking her to go to school along with buying her the things that she needed. “When would I get this wand and how much are they normally. I mean you say it free, but nothing is ever free. It always cost some things in life. Plus never went to school. Father did not believe it was worth it and my mother-in-law believe that school was for snotty high-class people that thought were better than everyone else.”

Kimberly did not want to get her hopes up since everything he was saying seem like it was too perfect. She was tired of running. If she could somehow make it into this school and learn how to control what was inside of her. The world would be a better place to live in. Once had it finished could maybe go back and visit the family she was with before. It was clear they were the ones that contacted the man to help her. She let a tear slip without even realizing it. “what will happen to my horse. I can’t even pay for the food or clothes I have now. There no way I could pay for him to stay somewhere.” She knew that the running could be kept up if had her partner. “He is like your Rhiannon. Always there for me.”