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Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-29-2021

Godric and Rhiannon were hunting, though not their usual prey. While the pair tended to prefer the four-legged kind, a letter sent by owl to Gryffindor hall had brought him out to the southern coast of England, trying to find a lost witch who might be perfect for Hogwarts. If he could find her that is...

The pair had been searching on foot for more than a week now, following the different trails and paths while trying to think of where an aimless witch looking for shelter might go. There were cloisters to hide in, old huts riddling the coast, not to mention, the many two arms savages that roamed this land just looking for young girls on their own to take for their own uses. He would not let this end that way - not again! No, this time would be different. He would find the maiden and rescue her from such a dire fate, on behalf of all those that hadn't been able to save.

It was his Newfoundland that finally picked up the scent first, racing off into the dusk with Godric close on her tail. When they finally came upon a young girl, he figured this must be the one. She'd been injured, the kindly couple had said and the faintest smell of blood in the air. It would be a miracle if every crawling, snarling beast wasn't already bearing down on them. Still Godric waited, not wanting to rush in and scare her or expose himself needlessly.

Not that he would ever leave a young woman to defend herself against a pack of wolves. He would just have to change how he fought them. Why expose himself as a wizard to more people than possible? In the back of his mind, he could hear Salazar calling him an idiot, reminding him he could just obliviate the memory but that was Salazar's way of dealing with exposure. When it came to matters like that, Godric had always had a lighter touch - the less he had to do, the better.

Thus he waited, watching until well after the sun had set and then some, seeing the girl shiver on the ground with a meager fire with a blanket to keep warm and a horse to keep watch. (The horse explained why it had taken so long to find her! He'd been looking for someone on foot.) Finally, at the sound of the first howl of the wolves, Godric changed into his human form, gave Rhiannon a good rub between the ears, and then stepped out into the clearing where she was huddled.

"Good evening," he said lightly, taking a seat on the ground on the opposite side of the fire. Rhiannon came and plopped down at his side, panting happily though her nose kept twitching in the girl's direction, as though wanting to come over and investigate but knowing better.

RE: Founding Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-29-2021

Kimberly frowns as looked around the small camp she made if it could even have been called that. She was not sure if could even consider this a camp. Most of the money had been working on storing up was gone now. The last real meal had was with the great couple that took care of her during the time that she broke her hand. They had been sweet willing to help get her back up on her feet. Stupid demons had to go and ruin that causing all their dishes to break.
They had not asked any questions or treated her differently because of fact that she was alone. If she had helped them with the chores, they would allow her to stay in the house for free. The only real money that needed to use was on her horse. If the demon had not come she was sure they would have asked her to stay.
“Good Evening sir,” The girl pulled her blanket tighter around her knowing once made to the next town would need to get another one. Her body gave off a slight shiver since the fire was not big enough to fully warm her during this winter. Nervous of what the man was doing rubbed her injured wrist moving slightly ready to grab her knife if ready.
He looked older which worried her. She made sure to stay off the main roads since did not want any attention drawn to her. Kimberly watched the dog that was bigger than most she saw sit beside the other person there. “Please keep the fire and let me go.”

RE: Founding Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

In the low light, Godric studied her carefully. The slight wince she made when she rubbed her hands likely meant that she was injured there. And so skinny. A soft smile crept on his face. Were Helga to see this poor waif in the streets, she would rush her straight home and feed her until she burst. He might yet take the girl there first just for that purpose. A few good meals under Helga's ministrations might do her a world of good.

But first things first.

"I have no wish to take your fire. Only share it." He assured her, noticing her glance at the dog. "This is Rhiannon. She's the one that tracked you here from the Thatcher's home. With no ill intent, I assure you. We simply came to see if you were okay. Quite the mess that you left back there, from what I heard." He said casually, as though it wasn't after dark in an abandoned field, with monsters waiting in the darkness just looking for an opening to pounce. This girl wouldn't even be a proper meal to them.

"Bah, this light isn't sufficient for a good talk, I don't think. Rest here and I'll set up something better. Maybe make us something to eat?" He offered, curious as to whether she was brave enough to stay if he offered up food in return. It made him worry about what else she might offer in exchange but one thing at a time.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly was secretly over the moon happy when he told her that did not have to leave. She really was cold and what little warms it was giving off was not enough since the warmth of a house felt. The witch had not been able to talk herself into renting a room after the Thatcher’s home. The witch did not want to go into any room and the demon find her. “I had not meant to make a mess. Before leaving though I did leave them money to pay for everything that I broke. They are okay right.”

Kimberly knew that it had been the last of her money so would later have to find another way. She smiled seeing Rhiannon knowing that she looked pretty. She worked on holding her uninjured hand towards the dog. When younger she was taught the proper way of introducing herself to animals. “She is really pretty. Rhiannon is a nice name for a dog.” He wanted to talk and that made her worried since he must have wanted something out of her if knew them also. Did they not like the money that she gave them and wanted more than what she already had.

“The light is light enough when don’t want to draw attention to yourself. It just enough light to give off little warmth and keep the wild animals away.” The witch was not trusting someone that came out of nowhere and offered food. This stranger was offering to give her something better but at what cost. She did not have any money since given it all to the others before leaving. She let out a shiver not happy that her body was betraying her.

“I had dinner already today, but if you are hungry make you some food. Don’t make me stop you at all.” She looked at her hands not sure what else to really say or talk to him about. “An actually warm fire and some rest would be nice though. Getting just a little warm and some rest is all that really needed. In the morning will be on my way.” All she wanted was a good night's sleep that would be able to go for a few weeks.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

"Everyone is, most assuredly, safe and was unharmed." Godric said reassuringly, watching the young woman (for really, that was what she was) reach out to the dog. "Rest assured, she will not harm you while I fetch some food." He watched as Rhiannon stretched out her nose to sniff the hand proffered. Knowing that the two of them would be safe, he stood up and walked quite a distance, not wanting it to be too obvious as to what he was doing.

After a fair amount of time, he came back with a great deal of wood in one hand and two dead rabbits in hand. To his amusement, Rhiannon had gotten up and gone over to sit with Kimberly - likely to share some of her warm. Sitting next to her, the dog sat nearly as high as the girl's head. But it was nice to see that the dog took to her. Rhi had always been a good judge of character. Now whether the young woman was a witch or not remained to be seen. That was what he was here to decide.

Dropping back down into his spot, he thew some of the wood on the fire to build it up and keep away the predators in the area. Then he began skinning and gutting the rabbits to mount on a makeshift spit he took with him everywhere. With a few spices rubbed into the meat, it would be very fine eating indeed. Another silent thank you to Helga for teaching him that little trick.

"A friend of mine named her," he said in earlier reference to the dog's name. "I do not believe I've named a horse in my life but Lady Ravenclaw insisted that she needed a proper name. Rhiannon seemed as good as any so here we are. So...a rather good horse you have there." He looked over at the poor beast. "You must have been on quite the journey - all this way by yourself." He was curious as to what had driven her from her home in the first place but these things took time. He had to finesse them even though it wasn't what he was known for exactly - patience.

"We have time while the meat cooks so maybe you will tell me what happened at the Thatchers? They were quite concerned - not about the expense but about what could have caused such a thing. Did someone break in? Are they still safe in their home?"

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

 Kimberly nods as he said that he was going to work ongoing to fetch them some food. She was excited to have some decent food and he looked like a male that would be able to work on getting them food. The sound of food and a great fire was something that sounded great. “I will not hurt her either. Dogs are loyal partners and friends.” She slowly pets the nose as the dog got closer to her.

She was almost exhausted and passed out by the time that he got back holding the rabbits he had caught. If she had not been so warm up and cozy up against the dog her mind might have caught onto the fact that he did not look at if had any weapons on him. If did not have any weapons, how did he catch the rabbits and kill them as easily as it seemed? Kimberly was slowly petting the fur as a way to keep her mind from dreams. She was the demon inside of her just had to make sure that no one else saw it come out when not wanted. Once she controlled the demon she go back into towns.

“I think that Rhiannon is a great name. It seems to really perfect your friend has good taste when coming to naming animals.” Kimberly looked over towards the horse as frowns knowing had pushed the old boy to his limits some days. He had been retired from her father’s shop because was too old to work or do anything. Here the witch was only resting enough every night to get some sleep for herself. She had made sure that some days they both just walked so that the old boy got some rest from having to carry her. They did not stay long though if stayed in places the demon could catch up to them. She protected the one thing of her past left that she could.

“It not a journey more as trying to get away. There is no one else that would have wanted to come with me.” She smiled at the horse that had yet to run away from her even though if in those shoes would have. “The horse is all I have. Stuff tends to happen when I am around though not sure how or why. There were a few mishaps back home. Then you heard about the Thatcher’s. Accidently broke all their dishes when trying to help them pick up since were such gracious hosts. Plus I tend to get hurt if stay in one place too long.” She rubbed her wrist when got cold it seem to hurt since doubt it healed back correctly. “If you have wonderful friends why are they not here also. I mean it strange to see someone wandering the forest alone.”

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Godric nodded, listening to her talk and slowly work around to the meat of the matter - why she was here in the first place. It definitely had a familiar ring to it, a story he had heard plenty of times, often the case with those born of non-magical blood. How else would one describe all the accidents but a demon? There was no other logical explanation; magic certainly wasn't something you brought up as even a dream if you wanted to survive in this age.

"My friends are unfortunately occupied with their own tasks to fulfill our dreams. One - Rowena who named the dog; she's building a magnificent castle to house and protect people. Another, Helga, is preparing to care for all those protected people." He drew his wand and slowly levitated another few sticks on the fire, using a fourth to stir it up and get the food done a little faster. "The third of us, Salazar, is studying voraciously and traveling Normandy - hopefully to return soon. He has been looking for people much like yourself actually."

Taking out a small kettle, he used his wand to enlarge it and then poured the remains of his prevision of mead into the pot to warm, keeping most of his attention on what he was doing but still able to watch her reactions to his every move. He had his own suspicions about how she would react but how boring would it be to be right all the time?

Actually, it wasn't all that boring now that he thought of it. Felt rather great actually.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly was worried when he said this friend was looking for people like her. If his friend was looking for people like her that had the demon come out, then it meant that someone knew about what she did. They would tell her husband or someone else and she would get put to death for sure.  She just wanted to find a place to stay for a while to work on getting some strength and money back. Once that happen then it would not matter, she could leave and start this over again. “Your friends seem really nice. It is good to see people out there wanting to protect others.” Her eyes got big when seen him pull out a stick on his own and start making things float. “Stop the demons will come.”

Worried that her demon would come also the witch moved to stand up and leave. She needed to get away from all this. The one that followed her had been dormant since the Thatcher’s. She let out a scream when seen the kettle get bigger. It was something never seen before most of her magic was just making things explode, float, or catch fire. This man must be cursed if he could do things like that.

Kimberly moved to back up towards her horse. If could just get up on it they could run for a few houses and still get some rest later but be away from the man in front of her. Her body jerked towards the horse but since trying to keep an eye on the man in front of her it had not worked. Instead, she moved into a tree that was behind her. The demon she had inside her decision to come out with terrifying feelings. The man if watching would see the tree branch above her explode from her free raining down on her. Some hitting her and already injured their wrist. “Look what you did. You called the others we need to get out of here before it's not safe.”

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Godric Gryffindor - 12-30-2021

Ah, so it was demons that she feared was on her trail. All because of the church, now his job was increasingly harder. Great; that was one of the hardest barriers to their mission with those born of non-magical parents. He had no issues with the church itself but their stance on magic was ridiculous, considering they believed in a Savior and his prophets who performed great magic as well.

Fortunately, it was a most common belief and Godric had dealt with it before, thus he had a good idea as to how to reason his way out of this one. His friends might think he had a head full of wool sometimes but with his talents, that was impossible. He would be completely useless, were that the case.

He waited out her reaction, not wanting to make any sudden moves and frighten her more. The wish to get away was expected. Many did. The tree exploding, on the other hand, was not. His eyes widened slightly, impressed. It must have been what had happened in the Thatchers' kitchen, considering the damage he'd seen upon arriving there. Too bad he hadn't expected the reaction as he could have sheltered from any shards. Ah well, sometimes pain was as good a teacher as any mortal was.

Stowing his wand away in the pocket of his coat, he stood and slowly approached the young woman. "Come back to the fire please. There are wolves out here and I would hate for a bold one to get any ideas with you being in even partial darkness." His voice was cordial. "Please. It might be scary but think about it this way, everything that I just did was because I wanted it to happen, because it was useful for us.

"How often do demons actually help us?" If they were to exist, that was.

RE: Foundling Lost! (Kimberly) - Kimberly - 12-30-2021

Kimberly moved to cover her head and face as the tree fell down on her. She get the injured wrist looked at later to make sure that nothing else had happened to make things worse. The witch watched him work on putting the stick back into his pocket knowing that if he had that out she had to be careful with whatever she was doing. It was not away from him, and this person seemed to know how to control this demon in a way that had not been possible.
Fine, I will stay with you for the night. My horse needs his rest and there is no way I can fight off the wolves without the fire.” She moved to walk over towards her horse though seeing that it was spooked because of the flying debris. If lost the last good thing in her life, then the demon would win and that was not something that could happen. If it has control, then it can’t help you. “In the morning we will get away from the demon. It can be out running if done correctly. The fire also looks warm. Plus, do need to work on getting the splinter out.” Kimberly calmed the horse before going over to the fire on the opposite side of it from this new stranger. He wanted something from her that was easy to see since most strangers would have just let her go. She was watching the animal also not sure if trust it.
“They never help me. I mean occasionally it will bring some things closer that did forget. That same time thought if not careful it will make the soup catch fire and burn.” Kimberly closed her eyes remembering the demon for what it really was. Once composing her thoughts worked on slowly picking out the splinters from mainly her arm and hand. “The demon is evil and wants to make sure that those that do bad are punished. It catches many fires in different places making it not safe to go back. When not being a pyro the demon blows things up. It is great at doing that when least want it. The demon said it was time to leave the Thatcher’s even though they were the sweetest people by blowing up all their dishes.” All she wanted was to not die because of problems not in her control